Wholly Ever After is a brand devoted to faith, love, real food, body…. and most of all community!

Hello! My name is Nana; Jesus Girl, Health & Wellness Enthusiast(HEALTHY FOOD FELLOW under the Net Impact Organization), a wife, and (now) a new mama learning on the job. Welcome to a glimpse of my world, where I share my walk with God, and lots of practical ways of sticking as closely to nature as possible. We must all agree that the definition of words like ‘whole’, ‘healthy’, ‘clean’ are getting pretty confusing lately!There’s got to be an easy way out there, right? I believe so!

My journey to figure out what this is all about has led me here- a platform on which I can share with you and yours, the PROVEN benefits of nature! It’s worked for me; And I believe that, as I share my life with you, you will be empowered to guide your family in taking proactive part in your OVERALL health and wellness.

My Belief and Trust in the Creator of this beautiful universe is the essence of it all! He’s Good, so food’s got to be good! My body’s GOT to be Good! and I have got to spread the word! Now that I have a family to cater to, I am challenged to stay the path and even do more!

I’m not one for titles, especially when it comes to my diet; My health comes before everything else. However, steering clear of refined foods AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE has become a particular focus in my kitchen, with top priority always being on simple, great tasting food.

I value nutrition education, because I strongly believe that whoever sets out to transition into a healthy diet must have all the necessary information to do it right.

This journey has taught me a LOT of discipline when it comes to my body, and all other aspects of my life.Our bodies are temples of God, and should be treated and nourished as such! And I am truly excited to have you join me on this journey!

P.S With all recipes, please remember to work with what you have! We all start from somewhere! :)​


I love to beat my body,”training it to do what it should”

1 Cor. 9:27, NIV

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