Why i chose to start up a blog.

I have never been a fan of blogging; never liked writing as a matter of fact. But lately, every time, i read my Bible or just an inspirational speech, or i hear a preaching that i want to share, i wonder how and when i’m going to be able to do that. Two days ago, while reading my Bible (John 15), each verse taught me something! i usually write down stuff i learn from my Bible in a certain notebook. But with this particular scripture, i realized i was writing more than i have ever written. I was writing a sermon! to say the least. I felt it was something worth sharing! it was too long to share as a status on facebook,or as a tweet.  Then it hit me! how people share links to their blogs on facebook and twitter for the world to witness what they love doing! I decided to pray about it because i feel it deep within me, that all the times when i have silently hoped that i would gain an opportunity to share what i learn in my Christian life with the world, this blog IS my opportunity! To spread the word! To make people aware of the greatness of Christ! To expand the Kingdom of the Most High. This is my little contribution. It’s all about God! I am just a vessel, ready to be used. In my little mind, i have always had that image of me standing infront of a congregation telling them how much i have anticipated giving my long awaited sermon(maybe i watch too much TV! lol). But today i realize, though i will get to that stage, i must start something in my own little way. I believe this is God’s will! And i pray i am able to reach out to the world! To awaken Christians and to win more souls for Christ!!! I always say to my little sister that i have come to know that there are people who “love” God and hate Satan, and there are CHRISTIANS!!! I can’t deny that i USEDTO BE one of those. I just liked the fact that i could say “Me i know there’s a God, and i can never worship the devil” Just so i could also stand as part of those who shake their heads at the Atheists and wonder “where do these people get their thoughts from”. You know? But really, how different could we be from them if we claim to love od but through our actions we deny Him? Think about it. The book of Timothy; it says, “all Scripture is inspired by God and is USEFUL to teach us WHAT IS TRUE and to MAKE US REALIZE WHAT IS WRONG IN OUR LIVES” (2 Timothy 3:16). But if we always go to church, and pray all kinds of prayers, yet nothing changes with our lives? then aren’t we just like the Heathens?  Aren’t we telling the unbelievers that “there’s really not much of a difference between you and me. only that i call myself a Christian and you don’t?” i know i used to do that! just not anymore!! Today, thanks to God, one thing i know FOR SURE is that I AM A Christian! I am a soldier for Christ. I am not my own! My prayer is that, through this blog, many souls will be touched to be able to make that distinction! To stand out as Christians, instead of just “loving God” and “hating” Satan. To SERVE and to KNOW God? There’s really reaaally much more to it! Shalom!:)

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  • POki,this is really touchimg.may lives be touched by this u r doing…..God bless u!!!

  • Hi Nana, I chanced on your blog from your twitter url and I just want to say that I’m really impressed and encouraged by your manifesto. I read this line, “It’s all about God! I am just a vessel, ready to be used.” and thought God bless this heart. I also have come to recently think about my faith and challenged to be an actor in its unfolding and reach into people’s lives.

    You reminded me of the Lord’s words to Paul in Acts 18:9&10 – “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.”

    “i have come to know that there are people who “love” God and hate Satan, and there are CHRISTIANS!!!” It’s true 🙂

  • Wow.. i love this.. God Bless u Pokua. This is the time for us christians to arise and shine and depopulate the kingdom of hell for our adversary is like a roaring lion seeking us to devour. It is the time for us to wake up from our slumber. This just reminds me of the scripture John 9:4-“As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” The “night time” are the times when we are old and wish we could carry out the task of our father; to spread the word of God. The “night time” could also symbolize death. On the other hand, the ” day times” are the times when we a full of energy. The bible also tells us to remember our creator in the days of our youth. As i read this blog i saw myself in a similar position like you. There were many times God gave me the opportunity to speak His word to His people but i used to let fear rule my life. Thank God i am no longer a slave to fear. Fear is just a tormentor, its an enemy and deceptive, its a hinderance to our christian growth;its a hinderance to our marriage and relationship. Fear hinders our ability to operate in the power that we have.Remember that God has not given us the spirit of fear.. The time for us to arise is now and am glad to see mighty warriors like you.

  • I am sorry if i wrote a lot but i was just touched by your message and i just couldn’t help it. I pray that God continues to increase u in wisdom n knowledge n may this blog be a blessing unto many….

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