“Who do you say I am?”

Jesus->…. “What are the crowds saying about me, about who I am?
Disciples->They said, “John the Baptizer. Others say Elijah. Still others say that one of the prophets from long ago has come back.”
Jesus-> “And you—what are you saying about me? Who am I?”
Peter->”The Messiah of God. ”
(Luke 9:18-20 MSG)

I would first off like to start by saying that I truly love to blog and write to whoever reads this. I feel like I have a family right here on this blog. I may not know every one that reads this blog but it really excites me to write to you.

This scripture has been my best friend since Friday(January 18,2013). It talks about when Jesus was asking the disciples what everyone else was saying about Him. The Bible says they all replied with different answers. But realize something, when He asked, ‘what about you? What do you say about me?
Peter was the only one that answered. “You are the Christ of God”. Other versions say “You are the Messiah sent from God”.
To Peter, that’s who Jesus was. He could boldly say so because that’s who his spirit identified Jesus to be.

It’s so easy for us to recall things that people have said Jesus is. We call Him Messiah, All-Knowing, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, etc. However, when it’s just you and Him alone time, and He asks, “Who am I to you?”, It’s not about what authors have said, or what your pastor said, or what your friends said at fellowship, if that’s not what your spirit accepts Him to be. He is not looking for answers that you have learnt by rote. He is looking for what and how much He is to you. Just YOU!


If your husband or boyfriend asked, ‘babe, drop the ‘husband/boyfriend’ title and tell me who I am to you. How do I know I mean so much to you?’ You’re going to want to get intimate and remind him of why you love him because of the value he holds in your life, and the place he holds in your heart.

That’s what Jesus is looking for from us.

When I was done reading this passage, The Lord asked me, ‘and who am I to You? You, Nana Pokuaa Boateng.’

In programming, you can place a .* when importing libraries, and that .* means you’re importing everything you need so you don’t have to list them individually. And that’s the only answer that came to mind. So I told Him; ‘You are my .* My everything’.

I’m a sucker for Love. I’m a sucker for a Love that I have found in Jesus alone. He is the life of my spirit, the home of my heart, the food for my soul… and, and it’s something nobody can really express in words.

The most beautiful part of the conversation was when He asked me ‘and who do I say you are?’
I thought that was the sweetest thing!

I honestly, up until this week, had never taken the time off to really ask God who HE says I am. So I hear what people say and then I go to Him asking; ‘is that who I really am?’

A lot of times we have heard about not grieving the Holy Spirit and our minds are drawn to doing ‘the bad things’ that makes the Spirit sad. But when it gets personal, and He tells you, ‘I wish you only knew who you really are to me’. That really hits hard.

There’s a lot that people say God is, but is He all that to you? You need to find out for yourself who God is to you because if not, the testimonies,the songs, the experiences, everything that people say would seem way too abstract to you and you just would not be able to relate. Because, simply put, that’s not who He is to you.

If you’re unsure of your worth in Christ, it’s okay to ask Him.That’s what He longs for! He’s not going to be mad that you never bothered to ask all this while and therefore keep it from you. He is way too courteous for that. He’ll remind us whenever because He needs us to hold on to His words concerning us. When God says, you’re beautiful, hold on to it! When He calls you His queen, hold on to it! Because when it all goes quiet, when you feel frustrated, sad, distressed, your spirit will see beyond that. Your soul will know beyond what the mind thinks. You belong to …

(you have a rightful place in a really Huge and Beautiful Kingdom,

you’re classed as the princess/prince of a King who is bigger than all kings,

you fit into the Kingdom of a big God )

… a Father who owns everything in this world and beyond.
“There’s something about Abba Father.

It’s intimate.

And this thing is not about the law.

You can’t do anything to make Him love you any more than He already does.

It’s a relationship.

It’s about friendship.

And when the world begins to know that, the world will change.”- Michael W. Smith

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