Weekend Vibes + Favorite Go-To Breakfast!

Happy Monday Everyone! To be honest, I am super excited for a new week, but I truly miss the weekend. 🙁
Last week was an amazing week! My friend in London (Hi Sandra👋🏾) bought me a canister as an early Grad Gift and I honestly feel like my life is never going to be the same! I’m thinking of any – and EVERY – reason to make/eat coconut whipped cream, AND I am hyping her with all I’ve got!
I got to catch up with a few (high) schoolmates, and I had lots and lots of fun and good laughter. I do have separation anxiety when it comes to the kitchen, plus I am such a homebody! So when it hits 9:00pm, my brain is literally telling me to get myself home. I was therefore a little jittery once it was 9:00pm, but that’s when the party begun!! So grateful for a great night with them and cheers to my first time staying out past 11:00pm for anything other than work/church!
So being the breakfast junkie that I am, I always go to bed with a planned breakfast in mind. I rarely eat spontaneously! I plan my meals, and take that job very seriously🤓👓. So although I got home at 1:00pm-ish exhausted, I definitely had enough energy to diligently plan breakfast.
Avo toasts are my favorite go-to for breakfast! I mean, you can seriously never go wrong with avocados! I am wondering how there is no emoji for avocados?! Unbelievable 😳.
For those who have been made to understand that avocados ‘make you fat’, I humbly ask that you do your own reading on healthy, natural sources of monounsaturated fats, instead of sticking with myths. Foods item is a source of fat NATURALLY doesn’t means it makes you and with a new canister, why not add something with CoconutWhippedCream?!
This recipe should take you no more than 10 minutes to make if you have all ingredients at hand.

2 slices of bread of choice1 medium-sized, ripe avocado

Blackpepper to taste*Salt (optional, as parmesan already has salt)*Charred tomatoes (Just place sliced tomatoes in a skillet on medium heat, or in oven **NO OIL** )

Add pitted avocado, parmesan, black pepper and salt (if using) in a bowl and smash with a fork. (I like to leave a few lumps of avocado 😍Place bread slices in a toaster.Once bread is ready, spread smashed avos, and top up with charred tomatoes and some more black pepper if you want 🙂
The possibilities are endless with this avo toast! You can top with mixed greens, hard-boiled or fried eggs, mushrooms, you name it!
And of course, I enjoyed this with a cup of homemade hot cocoa and coconut whipped cream made with my canister!
For my hot chocolate, I had some chocolate batter (find recipe here) in my fridge. and so warmed 2 tbsps and added some nut milk and water, beat it with my hand mixer (because no Frothing Machine)
Top up with coconut whipped cream and voila!!
P.S, if you don’t have a canister, you can easily make #refinedsugarfree coconut whipped cream like I did in this post!

Who Needs Starbucks?!


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