We Are The Ezekiels!

My encounter with different people has made me realize that people haven’t taken God seriously because they feel He’s not going to listen. They feel, just as the Israelites did, that “all hope is gone” and they have been “cut off.” We haven’t fully understood the message of salvation, that Amazing love of God that tells us that His power works BEST in our weakness. Some of us have resorted to a continuous state of worldliness because of lack of understanding of what a loving Father we serve! I hear people say stuff like “sometimes I pray that God might forgive me.” You know what that sounds like? That sounds like the man who told Jesus in Mark 9, “do something if you can…” Jesus replied “What do you mean, ‘IF I can’?”. Like ‘you have got to be kidding me! do you even know who I am?’ lol.

Over the last few months, 70% of the times that I open my Bible, it takes me to Isaiah 40.

It’s titled in my Bible, (the NLT); Comfort to God’s people.

6 “A voice said, “Shout!”. I asked, “What should I shout?”…“Shout that people are like the grass.Their beauty fades as quickly as the flowers in a field. 7 The grass withers and the flowers fade beneath the breath of the Lord. And so it is with people. 8 The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”

I kept saying to myself, ‘what does this particular scripture want from me?’ And then I asked God. So I was led to open this piece (which is the blog I am presenting to you now) that I started writing waayyyy back in Summer.[see why it’s good to write whatever comes into mind? 🙂 ]

It was the ‘Aha!’ moment and the smiley moment and the “Thank you God!!’ moment because He had just taught me that…I am my generation’s Ezekiel! In the same way, you are your generation’s Ezekiel! As Christians, WE ARE our generation’s Ezekiels. That message to assure the world of the fact that God is God and His word is ALIVE and He is calling all to come to Him no matter who you are or where you have been? YOU and I (Christians) are meant to prophesy it! Scripture said ‘Shout!’ in other words, ‘PROCLAIM!’, ‘say it out loud!’ because someone’s wavering faith is dependent on this word, some perishing soul is waiting on YOUR word to snatch them from the flames of judgement. (Jude vs 22-23)

In Ezekiel 37, The Lord told Ezekiel to speak a prophetic message into the lives of the dry bones. The dry bones represented the people of Israel. Those who were crying out saying ‘all hope is gone!’ As a woman/man of God, as a disciple of Christ, as Christians, we owe it to our brothers, sisters, friends, whomever we come into contact with, to speak a prophetic message to lift somebody up. Somebody’s smile, somebody’s salvation, somebody’s hope!… depends on you and me.

One thing I am so thankful for is the fact that I am a very VERY reflective person! I’m always looking back on what/who/where I was before and the amazing things God has done and is doing in my life.I haven’t fully figured Him out to an extent that I get confused most of the time and I ask Him, “what do You want to do with me, where exactly do You want to take me?” But you know what? I don’t want to figure Him all out! I want the surprises, I want the anxiety and the confusion that comes with it. Because if I had Him all figured out, I wouldn’t smile, laugh, cry as much as I do! and that’s what makes me ME. 🙂

I do believe that God took me from where I was and  made me who I am today so that as I encounter people, in as much as I can relate to their situation, I can most importantly draw them to Christ. People are perishing because they feel God is too far away, they feel they are too much of sinners for God to pay them any mind. That’s why we as Christians must step in and make them understand that ‘you know what, I was once where you are, and Grace saved me. All you need to do is to let God have His way in you.”

I get sad when someone says to me ‘ my sin is so much. I doubt God wants to see me.’ But then the Spirit taught me that when I hear such statements, I need to ask myself, “what would Jesus have me do with this person?”

If you read Ezekiel 37, God said ‘MY PEOPLE.’ Regardless of the countless number of times the Israelites had disobeyed God and what they had done, he still referred to them as HIS PEOPLE! He acknowledged their spiritually dead condition so He said “I will put my Spirit BACK in you and you will live AGAIN!’

So today i’m telling you that when somebody tells you something like that, imagine God asking you, ” (put your name in here) can this dry bone become a living person again?”(Ezekiel 37:3). “Can you help them understand that before you became who you are now, you were once like them and My grace saved you?”  You see, God Forgives the repentant sinner! and because people haven’t understood that, they stick to probability, the ‘God mights’ and the ‘if God will’s’. He is ever ready to receive anybody, no matter where you are and what you have done. He says He will make you whole again so that (and I ABSOLUTELY love how the amplified version puts it) “you shall KNOW, UNDERSTAND, and REALIZE that He is the Sovereign Ruler who calls forth loyalty and obedience. Don’t wonder how you are going to change. Just make that decision to be for God; pledge loyalty and obedience to Him. God saw the dry bones, He heard them say all hope was lost, He knew what they had done but you know what, He still referred to them as ‘MY PEOPLE!’. He says in 2Corinthians 12:9, ‘His power works BEST in our weakness. His grace is all we need!’ He just needs you to come to Him and say “Lord, i cannot do this, i need you!”

Imagine someone you really cared about was sooo helpless and was lying on the ground, with no strength whatsoever, and they screamed out your name and said, “please don’t leave me lonely, I need you”. Would you walk away and leave them there? NO! If you human wouldn’t, How much more GOD? Galatians 5:16 says all you have to do is LET (allow, yield ) the Holy Spirit guide you, then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves. He knows our weaknesses so just LET Him do what He does best. All He’s asking for is LOYALTY and OBEDIENCE. He told the Israelites in Ezekiel 36 vs 26-27 that ”… I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart. 27 And I will put my Spirit in you so that you will follow my decrees and be careful to obey my regulations.”…. His POWER works BEST in our weakness.

When Ezekiel prophesied into the lives of the dry bones, there was action! Scripture says “there was a rattling noise”….the flesh was forming on the dry bones right before his eyes! And when they had formed and he spoke breath of life into them, you know what happened? the dry bones stood UP ON THEIR FEET! My Bible says ‘A GREAT ARMY’ was formed!!! That’s the power of God in us! That we can speak to rescue the perishing as Christians, that we can speak to awaken our brothers and sisters in spiritually dead conditions, that we can snatch them from the flames of judgment, from the devils hands and make them a GREAT ARMY for the Lord!..if we profess the word of God! My pastor once said ‘We Christians are not making use of God’ and come to think of it, i toooooo-tally agree! When Jesus said, “go and make disciples of all nations”  you think He didn’t know the power He had put in us to assign us to such a task? …but since some of us don’t even know that, we are failing to fulfill our responsibility to equip God’s people to do His work! (Ephesians 4:12). Remember that it’s OUR responsibility to… ‘wake them up, for salvation is nearer NOW than it was when we first believed.'(Romans 13:11)

One of my favorite quotes says ‘our lives may be the only Bible that people of the world may ever read; so we need to be the bearers of the Good News that we have been called to be.’ Live like Jesus, Love like Jesus, Speak like Jesus! Somebody’s salvation is  in my hands, your hands, in OUR hands!

P.S “There’s POWER when you speak so be mindful of words you release” – Donald Lawrence [There is a King in you]

The Lord bless us all! 🙂

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  • this is beautiful Nana! been waiting for it all summer

  • Pokua, two quick points:

    1) Although I’ve read Ez. 37 more than once, you made me go back and take my Bible to look at the passage again. And after taking my Bible, you made me go look into commentaries (not sing. but plural). I’m sure I had not considered the fact that this passage was a vision. I took it to be a historical event. I will look more into the passage later.

    2) About being the Ezekiels of today, I want to encourage you with one passage from Scripture: 1 Tim 1:12-17. I want to draw your attention to Paul’s mentioning of he being the worst of sinners yet receiving God’s mercy. Also, note the phrase, “God’s unlimited patience”.

    God bless you.

  • Wow. There is a king in me. That was one catchy phrase and I love the sound of that. You always remind me that there is soo much more we need to do as Christians and I just love the way you go all out for God. You inspire me a lot Nana. Thanks for always being such a huge blessing. Your life is so beautiful. Keep shining Woman of God. Kisses!

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