When I decided to name this blog post ‘Trust’, my first thought was; ‘people are not going to read this because they are probably going to say ‘we’ve heard it all before’.’ I know. 🙂 I probably would have said the same. BUT when God lays a message on your heart and says ‘Speak’ who are we to disobey? Trust-this happens to be my personal theme from my Father for this year. I am extremely excited about this journey with God and i love the way He keeps whispering in my ear; “simply trust Me in every situation.”

There is something that little kids do that I admire and love so much. Since they have been taught that the reply to the question; ‘how are you?’ is ‘I am fine’, they always reply ‘I am fine’ whenever they are asked that question, regardless of whatever situation. To me, that’s a sign of faith and trust. Of course at their age they do not know that and 75% of us have probably not realized it. I learnt this special lesson from my six-year old niece. She was not feeling too good the other day and I wanted to make sure she could breathe. We are usually able to tell only when she speaks, so I asked; “How are you, Tia?” She replied, “I am fine.”  I could tell that was not true, but to me, that was an exhibition of faith, trusting that no matter her condition, she was fine! That was her version of that part of the hymn when we sing “…whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say IT IS WELL with my soul!” T-R-U-S-T. So I said a silent prayer to God and told Him, “She has answered the only way she knows how to, let this this always be her response”

What Is Trust? My dictionary defines Trust as a FIRM belief in reliability. Knowing that the one and only thing or person you can count on, will never let you down. When we decide to trust God, we say “I know my God can handle every situation.” We do not step back after 3 seconds, or minutes, or hours, or days or even years and ask “wait, can He really handle that?” When Tia replied, “I am fine” she did not pause to ask, “or is that the right answer?” Because that is the only answer she knows and until she is taught otherwise, she will continue to stick to that reply. We need to learn to make God that kind of “only!” So that no matter the situation, even when it gets to the point when people ask “do you still believe?” we can boldly say “that is the only thing My God has taught me to do and unless He teaches me otherwise, TRUSTING Him is all I know!

I decided to start reading my Bible all over again(you should too!) and I learnt something about trust in Genesis 7(When God decided to destroy the earth) that a 1000% of us have probably not noticed. I was once a firm believer in the fact that the Old Testament is one boring aspect of the Bible. Please, please, pleeeaaase never make that huuge mistake! Who would have ever thought that I’d be here blogging about Genesis 7?

Verse 18 of that chapter reads; ‘as the waters rose higher and higher above the ground, the boat floated safely on the surface.’ Operative word being SAFELY! When all that drama was going on with the earth, Noah, he trusted His God, so long as he had followed God’s commands concerning how he should build the boat, he knew he was good. When the floodwaters grew deeper and lifted the boat high above the earth, Noah was ‘good’; trusting that God above who said He would confirm His covenant with him would do exactly that. T-R-U-S-T. Trust is a commitment. Being committed to God’s promises to you and God’s commitment to your loyalty and faith in Him. It’s a two way affair. :).Noah had done his part by following instructions and building the ark as required,waiting for God to work His side of the equation out too.

Please not this; When God told Noah to build the ark, He didn’t specifically say the flood would not move his ark but He did say Noah and his family would be excluded from the destruction of the world. He only said ‘so enter the boat’ (chapter 6:18b). And even though the floods were so strong that it lifted the boat high above the earth, it floated SAFELY on the surface. There wasn’t a point where Noah said to God, ‘you said you would save us from the destruction, now look! Your flood has moved our boat!’  He TRUSTED that God would stick to the promise. T-R-U-S-T. Because God said to trust Him does not mean everything is going to be all rosy! The floods WERE strong and they DID move the boat but regardless of where the boat moved to, it “floated safely”!

I have come to learn that no matter how unsure I am about the promises of God when situations keep coming at me(and i do have a lot of these moments!), I’m going to hold on tightly to my firm belief in His reliability. All I know is that;

I’m always safe with my Prince of Peace.

 I’ll remember that no misfortune is in His plans for me.

My God, who perfects all things concerning me, takes care of me and I trust that! I’m going to make my faith my eyes and walk with it.

Remember, without faith, It’s IMPOSSIBLE to please God (Hebrews 11:6) and He who has started the good work in us will not leave me (or anyone else!) by the roadside!

Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see (Hebrews 11:1) is trusting that God is at work and it makes Him happy that we find a safe haven in Him. And please believe me when I say He will do any and everything to keep it that way because He loves it when we put Him first…for His name’s sake!

How He does it? I do not know. I’m just a sheep who knows my Shepherd cares and He will guide me along the best pathways f or my life.(Psalm 32:8)

That’s the kind of Father we have guys!

When you leave everything to Him, LEAVE EVERYTHING TO HIM. Don’t hurt His feelings by acting like your God is small and He is not able.That doesn’t even sound right. Speak in the volume of the Book that was written of you and believe in the Good Shepherd whose plans for you will prosper you!

2 Corinthians 1:20 says ‘for no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through Him we speak the “Amen” to the glory of God.

 I always remind myself that a King is interested in everything about me and I am in love with that overwhelming feeling!

Please do same! 🙂

Happy New Year guys! And remember;

God cares


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  • I do believe that we have to trust God, but honestly, it sometimes is very difficult to trust God. For example, how do we trust God when we lose a loved one even after we’ve prayed and fasted and asked God for healing? How do we continue to trust God when we see our relatives die because of hunger and we see ourselves also close to death for the same reasons (to appreciate this, you’ll have to imagine yourself in the situation of people in places like Somalia and Darfur). And recently, I’ve been thinking about Nigeria and the actions of Boko Haram…how do Nigerians continue to trust God although they’ve prayed, are still praying and are virtually at the point of picking up arms to engage in physical warfare?

    You see, it is hard to trust God sometimes although God requires us to.

    Now for a side note…

    I think your example of little children always responding “I’m fine” to “how are you” is a bit tricky. I say this because I strongly believe that God requires honesty from us. I see nothing wrong with a response of “you know, I’m not doing well today. I am …” Perhaps, we can pardon children for their one-way answers, but surely, I think it’s time we encouraged honest and open responses to tough questions among the body of Christ.

    Anyway, I appreciate your writing. More so, I’m glad to see you write on Christian themes and even more excited to see you enjoy yourself in God and try to bring others on board. God bless you richly!

    • Thanks a lot Arden.:) I really do appreciate your comments.They mean a lot! I would like to say,however, that i am by no means encouraging dishonesty. I was only sharing a beautiful lesson of faith i picked up from the scenario.God is displeased with dishonesty and it is not right that i would encourage anybody to do so.I apologize if it was not clear to you.

      Secondly, i’m not going to sit here and say trusting God is easy. It is tough! But what i do believe is that God is always working His, (not ours) purpose out. i honestly have the biggest heart for people who are out there dying and suffering. He says His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are our ways His ways. As christians, we can only call on God to protect, guide, rescue and prove Himself faithful to His suffering children.
      I’m also learning to trust. He is teaching me, the same way He is teaching everybody. 🙂

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