The Fast (food) life isn’t always the best life

“I would really like to live healthy but it’s so expensive”

“I mean you can afford it, that’s why you’re into it”

“Oh let’s see if she is still going to be doing this after a husband and three kids”

I have heard these and so much more, I can literally finish sentences for such people when I meet them. I have heard 7895031 reasons and philosophies from people as to why they can’t do the ‘whole healthy living thing’.

Listen, if we’re talking about the money, I know no other person who puts herself on a TIGHT budget like I do!  I do NOT play about with my good deals. I am in too deep when it comes to frugal adventures. As Robert would say, ‘good for your body, light on your pocket‘. Yes, I do go all out sometimes but that’s only when there’s the need to. For example, I would buy a reusable glass bottle or BPA-free bottle instead of buying a  cheap, undefined, plastic bottle every 3 months. I am not about that life. Some investments are worth it. I must have picked that up from my mother because thanks to that, we have cookware and a thousand other things from 5 years ago looking as good as new.

If we are doing the math really carefully, someone is spending 200 GHS on fast food, carbonated drinks, junk foods, etc. a month, I am spending the same amount of money on 80% fruits and vegetables. It’s far from having way more than enough money. (In subsequent blogs, you will find out how I try to make a lot of things at home. #AllAboutThatDIYLife).

I mean we all have those days where we just want that quick fix: that burger and fries (and I’m not talking about baked!) – Tired after work, too lazy to spend another 3 hours in the kitchen. It really be that way sometimes, I can’t even lie. But I’m not going to ease into that lifestyle. I refuse to.

When it comes to time, I don’t know if there is anything under the sun that doesn’t involve commitment. You MAKE time for what’s important to you. For me, that’s an underlying principle for everything: my relationship with God, my Boyfriend, my hair AND my diet.


This is literally me, trying to get some work done. My nephew (and niece who is not pictured) like(s) to be involved in EVERYTHING! I envision my kids being the same!

PLUS nothing feels as good as not living in the unknown. How do you feel about that Butylated Hydroxytoluene you are always seeing on your cereal box yet know absolutely nothing about. Aren’t you wondering what that ‘yellow #5’ they keep adding to the list of ingredients on those drinks, chips, etc. is all about?

So, no. I’m not into this lifestyle because I don’t have anything doing with my time or money. I can’t believe the way people think sometimes. Laugh out loud! Believe it or not, after 25 kids, I will still be able to dedicate my time and resources to everything I am passionate about under God.

I didn’t wake up one morning to join the ‘let’s go healthy’ craze. If I did that, it wouldn’t last 2 days. And that’s the issue with everyone who started and didn’t and/or couldn’t follow through. If there is one advice I would give to anybody regarding anything at all, it would be this:

Pray about it. Get into it with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

– Don’t get into a relationship because it’s so cute seeing everyone with a girlfriend/boyfriend holding hands, going on dates, cuddling, making videos. NO. You will date the cutest guy and still be the most miserable person ever.

– Don’t go natural because there is so much hype about ‘natural hair sistas.’ Honey, you will get that perm in 6 weeks!

– Don’t go healthy because that’s what everyone’s post on social media is about these days. You will put your integrity on the line by sneaking a piece of fried chicken in your mouth like a thief with no one chasing after them.

All I’m saying is, DO NOT ‘do it for the fans.’  It’s a waste of your life!

Yes, the inspiration will come from somewhere. Although I have always been one to cut down on foods that my body does not need, my decision to go into vegetarianism was highly fueled by Heather Lindsey. What did I do with that inspiration? I took it to God; I spent six months asking God for what it takes. Because I knew I was not going to have it on a bed of roses. We’re talking about a lover of all things animal for 22 years of my life! I loved my steak medium; you know when you need to see the blood in the steak to prove that it’s RED meat? I had the time to stay about cutting up chicken, spicing it up, grilling (even if it meant standing by that fire for hours). You will find me in the junk food aisle before I get to the list of things I need to buy from the store. My weight never gave me away though :-).

So I know what I am saying when I tell you, that, with God ALL things ARE possible – including a change in your diet plans. AMEN?!

Am I saying everyone reading this should wake up tomorrow morning and go vegan/vegetarian? Absolutely NOT! What I am saying is, it’s totally worth the investment in your health. Save money on those drugs and those unnecessary hospital bills. My dream is to see everyone out there pursue a healthy lifestyle. Let’s flush out the 1000 reasons why ‘we can’t’. I’m about to sound so cliché right now but… Yes, you can!

I’m not trying to get everyone to be a size 0 or 2. I’m just passionate about getting everyone around me healthy both Spiritually AND physically; that ‘look good, feel good’ kind of life. I really want to be an instrument in changing these ever-growing statistics on cancer, diabetes and obesity rates by the power of God Almighty! Get in some healthy food and get out some healthy sweat!

Where there is a will, there’s always a way, my friends. It comes with discipline. And if we’re being honest, we could all use a LOT of that.

Remember, ‘Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial’ – 1 Corinthians 10:23.

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