Sweet Potato Avo Toast

SO, I have been on a STRICT #NoAddedSugarNoBreadChallenge for this month of September!
I challenged myself to it because I wanted to discipline and wean myself off bread. Bread is such a go to for all of us; before you know it, you’re already reaching for the bread in your pantry for EVERY quick meal you want!
I am not a fan of eating out much but on days when I have stayed out late and just wanted a quick bite? that’s where the real challenge was! Even the ‘healthiest’ of restaurants sell 70% of their meals with bread.
And added SUGAR? I do not intend to go back to that; not now, not ever!I have expressed my sentiments on refined/added sugar in previous posts(andhere) and if you haven’t read it, here it is in one line: “Sugar adds absolutely nothing to your wellbeing, only subtracts”
Avo toasts are my FAVORITE go-to breakfast! So during this 30 day challenge, I had to improvise and figure out how to relive the amazing avo breakfast experience!
***Insert Sweet Potatoes!*** I thought up this recipe one evening, and simply envisioned that I had just woken up and was wondering what to eat for breakfast. I mean, there are no rules when it comes to real food! I eat any and everything at any and every time!
I could honestly write a book about how sweet potatoes changed my outlook on life😩😩; but then I would have to write same for Cauliflower….AND Zucchini… AND Squash…AND everything else that springs up from the earth…so I hope you can understand how it makes me feel from this narrative!
The real deal about this recipe is really the sweet potatoes and how delicately delicious they turn out! Listen, this isn’t your normal baked sweet potato with smashed avocados on them! I promise, NO!
Plus, #GoodFoodOnABudgetForTheWin!! Hey now!👋🏾
So here you go!
1 Large Sweet Potato1 medium-sized avocado1 tbsp of oil (I used cold-pressed avocado oil)salt, black pepper and smoked paprika to taste1 medium purple onion

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.Slice your sweet potato as you would bread.

Slightly grease both sides of sweet potatoes with oil and place on a lined baking sheet, then into the oven for 15-20 minutes until just tender! DO NOT go over 20 minutes because it gets too moist and mushy, and you don’t want that.

Take sweet potato out of oven and into a toaster for just about a 60 to 90 seconds!Your sweet potato toast is now ready!

For your mashed avos:
Add pitted avocado, smoked paprika, black pepper and salt (if using) in a bowl and smash with a fork. (I like to leave a few lumps of avocado 😍)
Spread smashed avocados on toasted sweet potatoes. You have the option of sautéing some onions for added, tongue-biting flavor!
Trust me, you would want to say no to bread as well after this!! My mother finished my first plate, I had to make a second for myself!

IF you forget anything about this recipe, remember this globally important declaration: toasted sweet potatoes and avocados marry into magic! Thank me later! 😩



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