Sleep In Peace, Kenneth Narh :)

I spoke to him once, one time, and that was it.

Such a lovable soul. I used to see these hashtags on twitter; #prayforKen but i never knew who that was till i think my fellow Women In Christ executives mentioned him during one of our chat sessions.

The one day i met and spoke to Him, we were actually supposed to go see the founder of the WIC department of the Kingdom Christian Fellowship but she had forgotten and made other plans. So Awo, my fellow W.I.C executive suggested; “why don’t we go see Ken?”  I was like “who is he?” and then they went “A freshman. he’s been sick for a while.” And it was an agreement!

For some reason, and i believe that was the work of Holy Spirit, he was on my mind all day that Sunday. I was amped about going to see him and praying for Him. Before i left, i looked up a couple of verses on healing and the one that stuck with me was James 5:14-16, which says;

14 Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. 15 And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. 16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”… and i prayed that the Lord Himself would go ahead of us and heal this young man. After that prayer, i was excited, and i knew, i felt it so deep within me that a healing was going to take place in that boy’s life. I can’t explain it, i just knew. I knew that the power of God was at work, and we were gonna go there and speak words of life into his body!

When we got there, we introduced ourselves to his parents (such lovely parents and soldiers of the Lord!)  You should have seen him as he sat up. You could literally feel that he was weak but he sat up with that little strength he had. You know what he asked? He asked how the Appidios ( a prayer group on campus) blog was going and who was handling it because he was supposed to be doing that. Sarpomaa just smiled and told him it’s been taken care of so he doesn’t have to worry about that. At that moment, i thought to myself, ‘wow, what a precious soul!’ … even in his sick bed! and then we asked to pray with him.

Sarpomaa, the head of our department led the prayer and then we talked for a bit. That was when Sarpomaa asked, ‘you know everybody right?’ I remember he looked at me and he said ‘i’ve seen you around but i have never spoken to you’ and i just ‘awwed’ and smiled and kept smiling as they spoke. She was about to ask for permission to leave, and i was just standing there like, ‘that’s it????’ you know?  So i muttered to my friend Amda; ‘i think we should all pray for him, like individually.’ She shrugged. So as we were about to leave, i said it again, and funny how the Spirit works. This time around, Awo, who was at a distance heard it and went ‘Pokuaa, you want each of us to pray for him?’ and then i nodded shyly because everyone was staring at me at the time. As i held the nurse’s hand, she asked, ‘are we going to pray again?’ and then i said ‘yes please.’ Awo had asked to me start, so just as i was about to pray, the Spirit just led me to worship first. And i can’t even remember the songs because that was the Holy Spirit doing His wonderful job. I prayed, i prayed like i had never prayed for any sick person, and i quoted that James 5:14-16 verse that had stuck with me and so many other ones with such assurance, and i just felt the power of the Spirit of the Lord in that room as each of us prayed. As we left, he told us ‘i’ll be out of here soon’ and we smiled and told him how we were looking forward to seeing him next semester.

Just last week, Sarpomaa gave us great news that Ken had been discharged and he was home. So this morning when i woke up to a whatsapp message from my roommates that a freshman was dead, i silently hoped as i downloaded the image that it was NOT Ken…. but it was [gosh! :’(]

I was so sad the whole morning, like what news to wake up to! I went to God to pray for him and his family. And as i listened to this song, Okurayen by Cwesi Oteng (God bless that talented man) the Spirit just gave me that assurance, the same assurance i had when we prayed for him on that hospital bed, that Ken is fine, ‘he’s here with Me.’

Every time a young person dies, including my cousin who died at 17 and a distant cousin who died at 19, one question i always ask is, where are they going to spend eternity. But not this time. I just knew that this young man is okay. And so as i prayed and cried and sang Cwesi’s song, i just thanked the Lord for His healing. Maybe to my human mind, that healing meant i would see Him in school, but i know for sure now that the healing was the Lord taking away whatever pain and weakness that he felt in his temporary body as he lived on this impermanent earth and taking him up to eternal joy and strength and happiness and health!

So today, all i want to say is;

Ken, i’m glad i met you, i’m grateful to the Lord Almighty that the one time we actually spoke, was planned by the Holy Spirit for Women in Christ to speak the words of the Lord into your life and that surpasses whatever conversations we might have could have had! I know you’re in a good place because i saw you smile 🙂 and when i cry, it’s only tears of gratitude to the Lord for the life of eternity you’re enjoying!

Sleep in peace, friend! Live it up with the angels. <3

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