Pistachio- Coconut Milk Recipe

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I am so excited to share this recipe with you guys (but what else is new, right?) for sooo many reasons. I find that a lot of people who make the decision to go dairy-free (since dairy is more or less a really controversial topic) end up gravitating towards almond milk. (P.S I do not do soy milk, and I don’t advice that you do :))
I love variety; and I think it’s important to explore different [clean, REAL] foods, versus just sticking to one because the masses talk about it. When it comes to probiotics – for example- if you don’t have SCOBY for Kombucha, or Kefir Grains, try Beet Kvass;try sauerkraut (recipe coming soon); etc, that are more affordable, and readily available to you.
In the same way, nondairy is not automatically equal to almond milk. Explore with other nuts! I love coconut milk because its naturally sweet and creamy (because of the naturally occurring [healthy] fats).
Also remember – if you are buying your milk from the grocery store- to pay attention to the ingredients. I actually prefer coconut and cashew milk to almond because in my opinion, almond milk tastes really bland. Most brands therefore have lots and lots of fillers and gums to mask the taste and improve shelf life. On the other hand, these extra ingredients are essentially NOT healthy for you.
So if you do have the time, and are committed to your health, try to make yours. It’s really not that much of a task. [On a personal note, I want to be able to set up a business that bridges this gap. I am seriously praying about it].
Anyways, back to the topic-
I love this recipe because pistachios have a really exotic taste; so mixing that with the creamy rich taste of coconut milk ………


Wellllll, without much ado, here you go:
3/4 shelled pistachios3/4 packed shredded coconuts (I LOVE to toast them in the oven for a bit for some extra nutty flavor!) **brown shelled coconuts**3 cups of filtered water**cinnamon, vanilla extract
Soak your pistachios in a mineral (salt solution) for at least 8 hours, or [better yet] over night.If you get whole coconuts, and easy way to remove the shell, is to place in the oven (350) for 30 minutes. The shell cracks and comes off sooo easy!!! Then shred with a grater of food processor if you have that.After shredding, toast in the oven for another 30 minutes – OptionalAfter soaking, rinse nuts thoroughly and add to blender.Measure shredded coconuts, and place in blender as well.To be able to get all the good fats from the coconut-which is advised-, please use hot (but NOT boiling) water.Blend on high for just about 2.5 minutes.Strain with a nut milk bag, or cheese cloth.**If using cinnamon and vanilla extract, pour your strained milk back into the blender, and add them. Blend for another minute.Store in a glass jar and consume within 4-7 days. [because #noPreservativesAdded].ENJOY! …. you surely will!
Also, this is real life shooting solo:

In Love and Health,


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