If we met over coffee…

I love this idea I got from a vegan lady, Char, whose blog I follow. Now would be a great time for us to virtually meet over coffee so we can get better acquainted.
 If we met over coffee, I would tell you about the new house the Lord built for my family through my parents. I am so excited that after 23 years, I finally have my own room! Praise God! I would tell you how I treat this one bedroom of mine like my condo! LOL! I want personalize it so much and let it have so much of me! I just want to stamp Jesus, Jesus, Jesus everywhere!
If we met over coffee, I would tell you how I asked this carpenter to make bookshelf for my room and he’s been stalling my beautification process since monday while I remain so impatient to see another addition to my condo! I’m not a happy camper (when it comes to that) right now :/ I know The Lord is teaching me a virtue.
If we met over coffee, I would tell you how I am soo convinced I am my mother’s daughter (hahaha) because she actually chose purple curtains for my room! (Purple is my favorite color! :D)
If we met over coffee,  I would tell you how I used to mope over the fact that everybody calls their dad their first love and I didn’t (and still don’t) share that sentiment. My dad is not the sentimental type to me. As a matter of fact, he has no other way of proving that I am his beloved daughter except through sponsoring me financially. I would tell you how many years I cried hoping to get some sort of affection from my father so that he can be at least, something close to this first love people call their dads.
If we met over coffee, I would be honest and tell you how I sometimes still wish my dad would just show me some affection like  a dad would his daughter, BUTT I would  tell you (even more loudly) why I no longer yearn for all of that because I met this Man named Jesus Christ!
If we met over coffee, I would tell you how I want to scream each day so loud that Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me. So many amazing things have been happening with myself and The Lord and I would just like to let you know that I am crying writing this to you right now. Yes, that’s how much of a cornball I am.
If we met over coffee, I would let you know that I laugh as much as I cry and that’s 95% of the time so please bear with me.
If we met over coffee, I would tell you that I’m a firm believer,(now more than ever), that Christ takes care of His own! I would specifically tell you how The Lord visited me while my physical body slept on Wednesday September 3, 2014 and operated on my left breast. Quick story- You see,  I noticed a lump in my left breast in 2008. I was very scared and worried because I thought I had breast cancer. My older brother telling my sister and parents to just find me a doctor who would cut off my breast and throw it away certainly didn’t help. On Christmas eve that year, I was operated on by the most cruel doctor ever who told my parents ‘this is just a simple quick procedure. 30 minutes and she’s out’ . I watched with my bare eyes and felt every single pain there is to be felt as my breast was cut into.  I watched thick red blood ooze out of my body. To that doctor, I was just another patient. If there’s a more intense word for weeping, that’s what I did. I spent my christmas day in bed, crying because I couldn’t lie down, couldn’t sit up, could’t turn around, it was no fun experience. Everybody thought I was exaggerating but that’s okay. To them it was ” just a simple quick procedure. 30 minutes and she was out.” The least I can remember, the better. oh and by the way, the lumps were  tested, we were told they weren’t cancerous.
If we met over coffee, I would tell you that a year or two down the line, I felt another lump in the same breast. This time around, I wasn’t that scared 18 year old anymore! I thought about what it could be (AGAIN) but never really gave it much thought. My mother said it was just the wound healing from the previous surgery. I’ll be honest, I have not even prayed specifically about it. In the early hours of the 3rd of September, right before I woke, I saw myself being operated on by a man who appeared to be THE BEST surgeon there is! In the dream/vision, he was known worldwide. People from all walks of life, literally run to him because he is known to correct the most defective jobs doctors have performed on people. In the dream/vision, he operated on this left breast of mine!!! And when he was done, he smiled and satisfactorily  said “this is perfect! This is so much better than what was there before. The breasts look so perfect now” I’m not sure i’m doing such a good job at expressing the satisfaction in his smile and in his voice. I was lying down there thinking, “but I did not come here for any breast implants or reduction so I wonder why this man is so excited’  After the surgery, my mind thought I was feeling pains because of what I had been through in 2008, so I started talking and acting like I was in pain until I realized, I ACTUALLY FEEL ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN!!! WHY AM I GOING ROUND ACTING LIKE I’M IN PAIN?’ I was doing EVERYTHING normally like i was not the lady who was just operated on 2 seconds ago.
If we met over coffee, I would be wailing, laughing and screaming at the same time, telling you THAT FAMOUS SURGEON, THAT MAN WAS MY JESUS! He visited me at HIS appointed time and CORRECTED the mess this cruel surgeon had performed on my body back in 2008!
If we met over coffee, you would be passing me a tissue/napkin right now.
If we met over coffee, I would burst into singing Elvis Presley’s “He touched me” and we would so crave some more worship, we would go home and take it from there.
Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel,
Who only does wondrous things!
 And blessed be His glorious name forever!
And let the whole earth be filled with His glory.
Amen and Amen. 
-Psalm 72:18-19(NKJV)
If we met over coffee, I would tell you that my Boyfriend(you knew i would chip him in here somewhere and I am sorry that I am not sorry about that :p) is literally the man of my dreams! Long before the Lord had started talking to him about me, the Lord had revealed us to me in seeeeveral dreams! (Yes I am one of those ladies who kept wanting to tell him, “The Lord said to tell you, you’re the man for me! lmbo!) But i waited on the Lord while he spoke to him at His appointed time!
If we met over coffee, I would tell you how the Lord taught me how to shut up, be patient and trust in Him in this area of my life during those four years of not knowing who and waiting, TO KNOWING WHO and waiting! hahaha! It’s an amazing crazy story. I’m overwhelmed by the faithfulness of God each day!
If we met over coffee, I would tell you how grateful I am to God that He has placed the exciting desire in the heart of my Boyfriend and I  to pray whenever we meet! We desire to do that first! before anything else! It’s a wonderful experience and THANK YOU JESUS for it!
If we met over coffee, I would tell you about this new Oat-Almond-Chocolate-Chunk cookie recipe that I’m yet to try. I’m so thankful I have the ingredients!
If we met over coffee, i would tell you how everybody’s ‘you better give up on being vegan’ almost got into my head. But my Amazing, Always-Coming-Through Jesus, came to me in a revelation and told me to use my veganism to glorify Him! He has given me the Grace to remain even stronger and that’s why I just smile when I hear all these chatters.
If we met over coffee, I would tell you that, it’s these (seemingly) little details of my life that He cares so much about that overwhelms me each day!
–> “Take this turn, there’s traffic on the other side
–> “You and Bro Mo should have your meeting at this place”
–> “I know he said something that you weren’t really pleased with. But Love is getting over yourself. So please, Love!”(as though He was obliged to ask me politely)
If we met over coffee, I would let you know that it hasn’t been that simple believing the voice of God. Sometimes I have taken the left turn, gotten caught up in the traffic, smiled and said Thank you Holy Spirit, forgive my doubting heart, and then taken the initial turn He asked me to.
If we met over coffee, I would tell you how hopelessly much I love Him. So much that it makes it frustrating that the English language is so limited. 🙁
If we met over coffee, I would tell you, God is the reason I am such a cornball!!
If we met over coffee, I would be raising my mug right now, saying; “Cheers to the Cornballs!!!” LOL!
If we met over coffee, I would tell you about this church I visited on Sunday, City of God Church! Such an awesomely awesome place to be; all sorts of craziness for the Lord! I certainly look forward to going back on Sunday!
If we met over coffee, I would probably invite you to come along! 😀
If we met over coffee, I would tell you how my mind thinks my week ends on Thursdays so I happen to miss my alarm every Friday because in my little head, the weekend has begun! I would therefore, most likely, miss my alarm tomorrow!(The struggle!)

What would you tell me if we met over coffee? 😀

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  • If we met over coffee, I would tell you how your love for Christ is so infectious and encouraging. I would tell you how God used you to answer my silly prayer about kissing before marriage through your blog a year ago and I couldn’t get over how amazing that was because I wasn’t even expecting an answer to that prayer. But like you said it’s the little details that He cares about that’s just overwhelming. I would tell you to keep sharing your love for Christ and your stories because it’s so encouraging to read about a contemporary young woman who loves Christ so intensely and isn’t ashamed to talk about it. I would also tell you to write more often because I look forward to reading your posts. 🙂

    Stay blessed,
    Ewura Adjoa.

  • Awwwww lol. Amen! Amen!! God is indeed wonderful! May He continue to bless you too Nana! 🙂

  • Nana Adwoa and Bridget

    If we met over coffeee, we would have told you how we find your love for Jesus Christ so amazing…and how we think we think you’re a beautiful lady and a blessing. If we met over coffe, we would have told how we see you as our role model and constantly talk about your posts especially the one about pre marital kissing and waiting on God. If we met over coffee, We would have asked you about how you got your faith in God growing whiles in college. If we met over coffee, we would have asked for your number and kindly ask you to be our mentor for we admire you and your love ……thanks a lot for everything you share.

  • If we met over coffee, I would tell how I love reading your messages and how you make me see there is more to life..Thank you for inspiring me all the time..

  • If we met over coffee I wont tell you all that is on my mind (because i will be shy to show you my emo side :)) but what I will tell you is how blessed I am anytime I read your posts. I will also tell you how you cant imagine the impact your posts have made in my life, and finally I will tell you (hmm how do i put this) how contagious your love for Jesus is and your love for the word love is (I wonder if you get me)
    I will go ahead to tell you that I believe your revelations are a tad bit deeper than what I usually encounter!!

    God bless you Poks!!!! And keep on doing what you do


    • Awwwwww!!! But if we met over coffee, we would both tell each other everything on our minds because we would be best friends by then! 😀 thank you for this comment! It means a whole lot more than you can ever imagine!!! Love is a wonderful experience and a beautiful beautiful word!! We can never have enough! JESUS is forever Lord!!! Maybe we should meet over coffee!! 😀

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