How do I?

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where do I start?

How do I put the perfect words together so you know my Jesus (OUR Jesus) is real?

I guess I’ll just start by telling you;


He’s everything pure,and true,and lovely,and amazing and all the good things you could ever come up with. HE IS!


See, I know.

I know it’s hard to die to oneself and let some guy who you can’t even see, some guy who is said to be up in the clouds somewhere, take control of everything. I know.

I know it’s hard to clear the stage and start afresh. It’s hard to trust someone who won’t always be giving you the answers you expect, as and when you please.

It’s hard to get rid of all those things that everyone else in the world seems to be doing or running after.

It’s hard to get rid of the things that you and I know bring nothing but unclean, immoral thoughts to mind; things that do NOT feed your spirit in any positive way.(The songs, the tv shows, the books, you name it)

I know.

I know it’s hard to let some people go because you didn’t get it right by leaning on your own understanding and drawing your own conclusions; that ‘crew’, that boyfriend, that girlfriend. I know. That it’s scary to have to walk alone at a point in time because everybody stay laughing at you for turning ‘all righteous.’

How do I explain to you that it is NOT a race, nobody ever made it one.

How do I tell you that Jesus is such a gentleman, He’ll take it slow with you. He’ll hold your hand and lead you every.single.step.of.the.way IF you let Him. You’re never alone.

How do I manage to tell you that He is the one amazing person who loves you like crazy and forgives and does NOT hold your sins against you once you confess.

You know, before the world ran after something, somebody must have set the pace right? So guess what? You can be that pacesetter amongst your friends, your family, YES YOU CAN!

How do I explain to you that He yearns to dance with you, and to kiss you, and hug you, and squeeze you SO tight! (does that kinda sound weird for the guys? :/ lol. well whichever way that makes you feel precious! =] )

How do I explain to you that He CAN and WILL get you smiling NON-STOP. Literally!

JESUS IS THAT GUY who will get you smitten. The One who can make you go on and on and feel so silly sometimes.He’s the One person that constantly leaves you asking; ‘did that really just happen?’.

So how do I remind you, that He is the One person who gives you the opportunity to breathe each and every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month and every year.(whew! that took my breath away! lol)

Finally and most importantly, how do I explain to you that this One person, who is the power behind your every breath and has the power to pull the plugs whenever, is waiting for you to come to Him and start a beaautiful relationship with Him whole heartedly! [And well, since you don’t know when, you might as well start now :-)]

I love you enough to tell you about Him and I do pray that you choose Him!

Some things can’t be explained, only experienced. So go ‘head, give Jesus a try!

Word is bond doug!  [hahahaha! I discovered a bit of gangsta life. #justkidding lol]

Love is forever,


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