Hashtag Acai Bowl Love!

Smoothies are almost always considered the first step to transformation in your diet. Sometimes you think up something fancy, other times it’s just whatever is in your fridge, throw in the blender!
That’s literally how I came up with this recipe! I’m currently in the process of moving so I have to empty my pantry and fridge. I’ve always stood by my belief that ‘if you don’t buy it, you aren’t forced/tempted to eat it.
So while moving may pushe people to order in/eat junk, the good thing about stocking up on healthy options is that your ‘i don’t have anything to eat’ still remains healthy food! Really rewarding, don’t you think?
You’ll be amazed how satisfying a acai (smoothie) bowl is, compared to a smoothie in a jar!!
P.S please don’t be turned off by the ingredient list, I promise you will love this smoothie PLUS your body will praise you 😩
So let’s get to it, shall we?!
2 cups of non-dairy milk3 celery sticks1 zucchini – chopped. A handful of strawberries,raspberries, blueberries (work with what you have)1 cup of pineapples.
Blend everything. Pour in a deep bowl. Top with:
-chia seeds-flax seeds-some more berries -shredded coconuts.
Remember you can make your own acas bowl with ingredients you have on hand! The options for your toppings are limitless! You just want to make sure your smoothie is thick in order to be able to spoon it! Trust me, you will love it!



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