Hash Is The New Black!

Title translates Hash is the new OATMEAL!
Hey Family!
So I am almost done with Week 2 of my #Whole30 journey, and I can’t believe how fast the days are going!
Who knew life without grains, legumes, dairy and refined sugar could be SO good? I keep my body dairy and refined sugar free, so that that was never an issue coming into the whole 30. I don’t do sugar, period. Be it brown, white, grey, cane, coconut. (I share my views on sugar here).The ONLY reason you would find cane sugar in my pantry is because I use it for myprobiotic drinksand the bacteria NEED to feed on sugar. So by the time the probiotic drinks are fully fermented, there basically zero sugar left in there.
Oatmeal (and grains in general) on the other hand, have been a staple breakfast for me for a while now. When in doubt, make some oatmeal, or quinoa porridge, or amaranth, or kamut cereal, or ….. you name them. So I honestly wondered how we were going to do this.
I am so thankful for this whole 30 journey because revival has come to my breakfast, my mornings have received a touch from The Lord, and I couldn’t be more thankful! I would say I am pretty firm on my decision to say Goodbye to oatmeal for breakfast.
I know, that’s a bit intense for you right? I thought same! Wait till you try this Hash!!

And before you hit me with the fibre in oatmeal speech…

the amount of ‘fibre’ in a cup of oatmeal, is bioavailable in a cup of broccoli, or even a banana.

What they don’t preach to you, in addition to the ‘fibre’ in grains, is that this fibre is NOT bioavailable – meaning readily available to your body. They contain phytates which ACTUALLY inhibit the absorption of nutrients by your body.So it is always advised that you soak your grains in a mineral solution for at least 8 hours before consumption. And even with that, some phytates still remain. Who wants to go through that when you can get readily available fibre in fruits and vegetables? I certainly do!

It’s amazing what you’ll find once you actually get curious enough to read!
As I said, wait till you try this hash! and thank me later 🙂
And can I just say, I learned how to cook with apples and just like that, my life will NEVER be the same!

1 sweet potato (washed, peeled, cubed)Half a medium sized onion (washed, peeled, cubed)

1 medium apple (**washed with vinegar to get rid of artificial wax coating; cubed)

1 beet (washed, peeled, cubed)1- 11/2 + 1 tsp of coconut oil/clarified butter | ghee ( I am OBSESSED with Vanilla Bean Ghee! gosh! I can’t and won’t even get started because that’s a whole other blogpost!)Salt and black pepper to tasteHerbs – oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary…. whatever you want

Preheat oven to 375 degreesWash sweet potato and beet thoroughly, peel and cube (but not into tiny pieces).Place in a baking dishSeason with salt, black pepper and herbsEvenly coat with coconut oil/ghee. Start with 1 tsp and add other half if it’s not enough so your meal doesn’t end up soggy.When the oven is heated, place your baking dish in for 25-30 minutes, or until your sweet potatoes and beets are soft but not all mushy!Once our sweet potato-beet combo is ready, heat skillet with 1 tsp of oil, add onions and stir for about a minute.Add in your sweet potatoes and beets and cook for a minute or two. (remember they are ready, so you just want to blend in all the flavors.)Add your apples and cook for another 2 minutes, stirring so that all the yummy flavors fold in perfectly!READY and ENJOY!

My breakfast: Sweet Potato & Beet Hash, An Egg, and Avocado topped with sesame and squash seeds.
**Sometimes, I sub sweet potatoes for sweet plantains, or I just use both! That’s the cool thing about hash! No limits! Just don’t overdo it or you might mess it up!:p
**You can fry your egg separately, or add egg to skillet with all other ingredients and cook till egg is ready. 🙂
When you’re eating REAL food, you don’t have to worry about calories, portion control or whatever it is THEY say. 🙂 This is so filling! Especially with eggs and avocado! I’m hungry already!
Let me know what you think once you make this!
In Love and Health,






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