Happy Birthday Honey!

I’ve had this piece for a while now and I’ve been waiting till her 6th Birthday just to put it up. This little girl has my heart and I just want the whole world to know how special she is and how much she means to me! 🙂
I have a little addition to it but it’s really Jerrell’s song…(so ya, no plagiarism. lol) ~

I remember the day that you came into this beautiful world;
April 8th, and you were such a beautiful girl!
What a wonderful creation, my first niece! Many years I had waited, but it was worth it. Now I finally got someone I can pick on on purpose, put you on my back, take you places!
Now I can beat up a boyfriend if he’s ever toying with your heart,lol
I can tell you ignore him. Not only that, I got somebody who can tell on me.(And you do! lol) I guess its good cos you can keep me out of trouble,BUT the most important thing is I LOVE YOU!!!
I remember when I first saw you at the airport, I was afraid to hold you cos you were so tiny, lol. I was afraid to drop you.

I know that I can be hard on you at times; but I apologize, really, its my first time. I know I gotta step my game up so I don’t fall behind. You getting big! you about to be as tall as I am(literally!) and you such a smart girl, there is no denying. Always remember to speak truth baby, cos God doesn’t like lying. Your favorite color’s pink, at least its what I think. Maybe it’s blue but my favorite color is you 🙂 And I don’t think you’re too young to understand God’s plan, what He did on the cross for you. Sacrificed his life, He did it for you. And I hope you keep doing great in school. And good job on your test I’m sooo proud of you! I know sometimes I can be hard on you. When you try to talk to me and I’m not really listening, cos I’m in my own little world. Sometimes you just want me to look at this little picture you drew, you know? and I know this isn’t enough but I want to let you know how much I love and really care about you…. and you are my heart! You are really special to me! And I pray that you become a woman of God and that you seek Jesus Christ each day as you grow. That He who started the good work in you, will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. From my heart to you baby! <3
Love, Nana.

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