God’s Grace In Evangelism

For some time now I’ve been pondering over Psalm 1. For someone who reads into words (a little too much! ) you can understand why It has taken me that long to understand only 6verses.(And I’m not even done btw. Lol! :)) I have been wondering how I would convey that message to people. Make them understand what those 6 verses are really talking about. You see, Luke 17:24-25 says “For as lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other, so it will be on the day when the Son of Man comes. BUT FIRST!! The Son of Man must suffer terribly (which was done on the cross) AND BE REJECTED BY THIS GENERATION!” And that’s what is happening today. Nobody cares for true Christianity. It’s like we just proudly call ourselves Christians and that’s it! What about, reading the word of God, meditating day and night, making that conscious effort to improve our lives and serve God Wholeheartedly?? Since Christ has already “suffered terribly” on the cross for our sins, can’t we see that we are left with one more step?? Isn’t it obvious how incredibly close the Coming of the Son of Man is??? Are we blatantly ignoring the truth or we just can’t realize the obvious?? Personally, now more than ever, I feel the need for evangelism. The need for people to re-dedicate their lives to Christ and stop rationalizing to make wrong seem right. As Christians, and preachers of the Gospel, we are responsible for the lives of others. (Ezekiel 33:8) Today, I happened to listen to this piece by Plumb Line Collection which amazingly sums up everything in my heart!! In today’s world, the one who is against wrongdoings is now referred to as judgmental and the one who ‘encourages’ It is christ-like! It’s saddening!!…………………… “The Glory of God isn’t honored; the Holiness of God isn’t revealed; the Greatness of God isn’t admired;the Power of God isn’t praised; the Truth of God is not sought; The wisdom of God is not esteemed; the Beauty of God is not Treasured; the Goodness of God is not savored; the Faithfulness of God is not is not trusted. The Commandments of God are not obeyed;the Justice of God is not respected; the Wrath of God is not feared; the Grace of God is not cherished; the Presence of God is not priced; and Sadly enough, the Person of God is not loved. The infinite all- Glorious creator of this earth by whom and for whom all things exist, who holds EVERY person’s life in being at every moment is DISREGARDED, DISBELIEVED, DISOBEYED and DISHONORED among the people of the world. THAT’S THE ULTIMATE REASON FOR EVANGELISM. The opposite of this disrespect is WORSHIP. Worship is an inner stirring of the heart. To treasure God above all treasures of the world. A valuing of God above all else that is valuable; a loving of God that is above all else that is lovely; a savoring of God above all else that is sweet and an admiring of God that is above all else that is admirable. A fearing of God that is above all else that is feared (and that includes men). A respect of God that is above all else that is respectable. A pricing of God that is above all else that is precious! THAT should cause our hearts to be overwhelmed with worship and that in turn, I believe, should give us a burden to reach the lost; TO EVANGELISE. To preach His glorious gospel knowing that without the Holy Spirit we are sunk! That’s God’s Grace in Evangelism.!!! We don’t manipulate men, we don’t manipulate God’s word. We give men the truth and hope and desire that they will repent and believe in God’s gospel. And that’s the extent of it. That’s God grace in evangelism!” …………A friend of my family lost his 4 year old son approximately an hour and half ago. That little boy didn’t have the chance to live life at all. He spent almost his whole life in th hospital bed! And I was sooooooo sure that his life would be a testimony to God! That he would just live! We all prayed soo hard that he would live just so his parents could experience that joy of having such an amazing son after spending four years moving from one hospital to another! As hard and heartbreaking as it is, all I can say is, God Knows Best! But we have been given that life of freedom and of good health that one innocent boy longed for! Why on earth would we want to put it to waste when the Eternal is right in front of us?Hell is real people!! And it frightens me soo much that if I don’t live right, I would end up there! I wonder If I’m the only one who feels like that? The word of God says, “the day you hear my voice, harden NOT your hearts! “God Bless Us All! 🙂

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  • Dear Pokua, I am Bridget Acheampong–a sophomore pursuing a degree in Business Administration at Ashesi. I have heard a lot about you and have been following your blog and posts on facebook for some time now. I would really like to meet with you, as you inspire me a lot. I admire the kind of relationship that you have with the Father–this is something that I have been struggling to have for years now. I believe that there’s a lot that I can learn from you although we have had different experiences.God bless you so much dear!!!!

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