Don’t Think This Hasn’t Been Fabulous!

Yet, taught by time, my heart has learned to glow for other’s good, and melt at other’s woe.-Homer

It is definitely safe to say that this has been my best summer yet! and all in all my best year yet!
Let me just start by saying, if there is any time in my 21 years of living that i have enjoyed the Most High, i mean the Holiness and Loveliness but yet still the mystery of His being, it is definitely now. What an amazing guy He is!and I am so grateful to Him for saving this mess of a human being writing to you!

The reason for my very existence is being revealed to me more and more each day of this year.
The one time I heard, literally heard,HIS VOICE, I had finished praying in my room before leaving for school and just as I was about to get out of my bed, He said, so audibly ‘Take care of my children’. A part of me thought, ‘no this can’t be real.’ I got up and asked my roommates; ‘did someone just say something?’ lol They said no. Then the Spirit told me; God just spoke to you. woow! [the mystery of the Triune God!]

Every single day since, I have gone to bed feeling dissatisfied and jittery because I just feel like I haven’t done enough.This one thing, that God decided to tell me in an entirely different way than He normally speaks to me, I just haven’t done enough of it!

I am learning to put others before myself in a lot of ways. Lately, every time I eat or drink something, I just pray for those who don’t have (something i learnt from my friend Jeanette) and I ask Him to always use me as His agent[the ‘special agent oso’ of God hahaha. anybody watched that?lol] to provide for them. Does anybody know that aching in your heart to just be of service to someone? the yearning to make someone’s life better?I feel that each second of my life! and though I can’t give materially to all at once, I definitely believe I can pray for them!

I bless the Lord for giving me THE stamp of approval and I.cannot.wait to go above and beyond touching lives! Am I therefore going to sit around till then to start taking care of God’s children? NO! Everyday, I ask the Spirit, how can I take care of your children? show me how?
He has gracefully granted me so many beautiful opportunities already to give as freely as I have received and I constantly yearn to do more.More more more, there’s got to be more!

Truthfully, I’m not even used to me! lol
He is amazing me in so many ways!
This is me,Nana Pokuaa Boateng; Um, the general feeling of helplessness,anger and frustration moves this girl to tears! she cries uncontrollably! sometimes I bite my lip, pinch myself just to stop crying, and I just cannot stop!
Now I find, that,in my anger, though I still  cry like a baby to a point where i’m just over this earth and all it’s troubles, I turn to God in prayer.

The old me would cry and cry and cry and sleep and stay in a depressed state for weeks and get over it. Well I died to that old self and now my life is hidden with Christ IN God (Col. 3:3)Now even when I am totally angry, it pushes me to pray. I have been mad and frustrated and so sad at certain things that have happened this past summer and throughout the year! Well I find that when i’m mad, I actually pray best! Besides, only God can change situations so I might as well get to it! Lol

Whoever said you need to have dealt with a lot of people to have patience lied.Including me! I’m telling you today, if you don’t already know, that all you need to do is to ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to deal with different characters.The pharisees and the teachers of the law asked Jesus tons of silly questions. He didn’t lash out at them, or whatever. He answered them. But with those answers, I bet they were left wishing they had never asked those questions. lol

I discovered the church after my own heart this summer! I have never been in a place that makes worship seem so inviting! They put an effort into making sure God’s children fall in love with worship! There’s this thing we do. During worship and praises,all the kids, whatever age, are allowed to come into the adult church and they are free to sing and dance and do whatever they want in the presence of the Lord. And,gosh! you should see these kids. some of them kneeling and just singing to God! kids! and I just say to God; ‘Lord, I always want to be like these children. running after you like a child. loving you with a childlike heart.’ I never ever want to have the nerve to feel like I am wayyy too dressed up to dance for my Lord, or feel too ‘classy’ to sing and shout out to Him. I.don’ about all that! I am ready to boogie and get all sweaty if that’s what it takes to praise my maker!
Honestly, I don’t want to leave! I don’t want to go back home :'(

I thought I understood worship and intercession until this summer. Ask me again! ask me again what  worship is! lol 😀 Worship is my life, my testimony! Worship is my every breath! Now before i do or say something,i am careful to ask myself, ‘will Jesus be proud of me?’ Guys, I can’t even stay glued to the t.v anymore. I’m talking ’bout all my ‘favorite’ reality shows? cut off! I am learning to set my priorities straight. Instead of watching people fight and throw bottles on tv to get paid, instead of watching shows that feed all sorts of negative stuff to an already broken generation, I would rather find and do stuff that draw my heart,body, soul and mind to Christ.I’m not trying to act holier than Thou but i definitely don’t want to be found standing before the Lord with shoulda coulda woulda’s one day. I am even done with listening to mushy songs and thinking ‘awww, I want my husband to sing this and that to me. Guess what? I serve a beautiful God who is the Ultimate Romantic and He is writing my beautiful love story! so I’d rather chill and fall in love with Him.I guess I have gotten so high maintenance but it’s definitely a good thing 🙂

Don’t get me wrong and think i’m all serious. lol. I am so not!lol. Anybody who knows me will testify to the fact that I laugh as much as I cry. When I’m not crying,I’m laughing.While people have told me to put myself up for hiring during funerals because I have more than enough tears to spare,[lol the silly comments i have to deal with] others have told me I laugh wayyy to much for a normal human being. I have a silly sense of humor. Everything and anything can humor me. When the whole world is serious, this girl finds something to laugh about. Even God makes me laugh sometimes though i know He’s being serious! lol.
Get me. All I’m trying to do, is feed my soul the right way, the God way! You can’t be devoted to two masters.You will serve one and hate the other!(Mathew 6:24)
I don’t want to seem talkative(though I think I am lol)  but I guess all i’m trying to say is, this summer has been PHENOMENAL! my very own 21st birthday present from God- a romantic getaway! I just want to share it with you guys to reiterate the fact that Jesus is real and amazing! I love you and I truly care about you all so much to share the joy of walking with the Lord with you! He loves you so much! and I am so in love with you, Jesus!

It has NEVER been enough for me to just hear about it to know that this Jesus Guy is real. I have always wanted to experience Him personally and I hope and pray that’s your desire too! Run to Him! 🙂
I love you all and thank you so much for staying with me!
Stay Blessed!

P.S.S you can email me at – About anything at all! Let’s connect. Just me and you 🙂

Sweetly Broken, Wholly Surrendered!

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