Dear ‘Vegan’ Me, I’d Rather Eat Eggs!

I got this blog title in the shower! How cool is that? 😀 I had started writing this post during my quiet time, with no title. So while I took a shower, I prayed to The Lord for a title… and Voila!

For some reason, people – and strangers at that! – feel the need to openly comment on how big or small someone got, as though the person in question couldn’t realize that themselves. Although I happen to find that disrespectful; however, I believe in placing utmost priority intaking care of our temples (bodies). It has nothing to do with being a size 2 or a size 10. It’s about the desire to take proactive part in your health, as you would in everything that matters to you…. while serving observers some eye candy for the lots they have to say!

I have been on a (98%) plant based diet for 2 years, 4 months and counting. Contrary to popular belief, I have nothing against meat eaters. My entire (HUGE) family is SO NOT Vegan nor Vegetarian, and my very German Boyfriend does not intend to go that route anytime soon! (#PrayersUp people! ?). Case in point: I have no option than to deal with animal protein and I am definitely not Africa’s I didn’t change my diet to join Team #SaveTheAnimals.

I changed my diet as my way of taking proactive part in my health and nourishing my temple. I must admit, I occasionally tend to sound like PETA because I do have a problem with unethically sourced consumer goods. I feel bad for the poor animals who are being molested for their meat, but more importantly, because those chemicalized animal products end up being what people buy as food! That bothers me! 🙁

Although I will no longer eat it, I’m all for ethically sourced choices of animal protein. If we are being real, a lot of people on Animal-Based diets are doing a much better job than fries-and ketchup, salad dressing-saturated-eating ‘vegans’. This is why I’d rather Identify myself as Whole Food,Plant-Based than a ‘Vegan’ these days. I think in this modern day and age, there is a distinction.

In my two year journey, I have grown a lot, learned a lot,  shared a lot, revised a lot. I pursue this lifestyle not to point to prove to anyone. I remember the Lord gave me a revelation in 2014, where He told me to glorify Him with this aspect of my life. That’s all I seek to do. I am no health expert, neither am I a certified Nutritionist. I just learn, and enjoy sharing what I learn.

For the month of April, I decided to challenge myself to a low [little to no refined] carb, high protein, high alkaline, no (added) sugar, no salt diet,   …(it’s a lot and I don’t know what I was thinking so please don’t judge me ?). Hey, Nothing is impossible, right? 😉  Listen, I have come to the conclusion that I belong in the Garden of Eden! Those Leaves and a lot of water will serve me just right!?

Along the line in April, I realized I would like to make some changes! I don’t just wake up and make drastic decisions, though it may seem like it. I committed my desire to switch to a Plant-Based Diet to The Lord 6 months prior. There’s a discipline you need in order to carry out all of these revisions, that can only be God given! I was once a die-hard lover of all things animal! I loved my steak medium done! I was good with the whole bucket of KFC chicken wings, no sharing. Today, I would pass on the most succulent, juiciest steak….. If this isn’t The Lord!!?

When on a Plant-Based Diet, you tend to be on the lookout for whatever will give your body enough protein. So you might have heard lots of vegans/vegetarians praising whole grains like Quinoa, Amaranth, Spelt, Kaniwa,Buckwheat as God’s gift to us. This could be true since they also have all the essential amino acids the body needs; BUT guess what? Those grains are HIGH in carbs! The goodness of grains does not equal a license to overeat them, and by extension, overeat calories and carbohydrates. PLUS, if they are not unrefined whole grains, forget about them. A High-(refined/unrefined) Carb diet with no fitness regimen ultimately results in excess body fat. Ever wondered why health and fitness go together? *hint hint ;)*  (We’ll talk more about carbs vs. fat in another post).

Soy is considered  a complete protein, but research has proven that you would want to steer clear of anything soy. Beans and Nuts (which I LOVE!) are great sources of protein but do not contain every essential amino acid.

So here I am, trying to cut back on the carbs, yet stuck with foods that are high in carbs, and at the same time give me the protein I need.

I’d rather incorporate 2% eggs!

Wait. Aren’t they supposed to be so bad for you? Aren’t they supposed to increase your cholesterol and clog your arteries?

Simple Answer: No! 🙂

The poor super food has been vilified for a really long time based on a seemingly superficial study of one scientist.

With the exception of a group of people known as ‘hyper-responders’, studies in recent years have proven that eating whole eggs actually increased levels of HDL, which are GOOD cholesterol (with LDL being bad cholesterol), and allowed the HDL molecules to function more effectively.

It is suggested that it’s fine to eat an egg a day if you don’t eat a lot of other saturated fats.   It is further proven that up to 3 whole eggs per day are perfectly safe for people who are on a strictly HEALTHY diet.

Eggs are known to contain every single B vitamin (whiles vegan foods lack Vitamin B-12), have a complete range of amino acids, thereby making it  a complete protein, and are a relatively low calorie food with ZERO Carbs/sugars and 5 grams of fat. I am team #FoodFirst before the supplements so if I can get a certain amount of nutrients from food, I will start off with that.

Eggs contain Choline, which is known to be vital during pregnancy and for proper development in children (and not many mothers meet the RDA for choline!) As a future mom, I definitely want to be a part of the few, while fighting to increase the percentage by encouraging others to learn what works best for them.

Yes, Choline can be found in plant-based diets. But read this:

“per 100 grams, wheat germ and uncooked quinoa appear to be extremely high sources of choline. However, a serving of wheat germ is only two tablespoons, which contains 25 mg of choline; a decent, but not extremely high amount. Uncooked quinoa provides 119 mg per per cup. Assuming no choline is lost in cooking, a cup of cooked quinoa would provide 42 mg of choline. This still makes quinoa one of the best sources of choline among plant foods, though it would be good to find out if cooking results in a significant loss.

I don’t believe in solely sticking with what doctors say. I believe in what the Lord says, and as He guides me, I learn a lot about what is good for His temple (my body) and take decisions accordingly.

I do not plan on ever going back to meat, chicken or fish. I say I am 98% plant-based. What’s with the remaining 2%? Instead of taking in pounds and pounds of grains to get just the right amount of protein, I’dd rather (occasionally)  eat eggs!

Do not get me wrong, WHOLE GRAINS ARE AN IMPORTANT COMPONENT OF MY DIET! I, however, ensure that the core of my diet is a variety of vegetables and fruits, healthy proteins and beneficial fats.

At the end of the day, make a HEALTHY choice that works best for your body/temple. Fight for a better version of yourself before you consider what others think.

Food First,
Nana Boateng xx


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