“Dare to Begin”

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, you only have to start from somewhere.

Roughly 3 years ago, I, (possibly out of divine Intervention), started to gain awareness of the massive amount of knowledge available on health and nutrition that I never paid attention to.

I have a mother who has been the queen of research for as long as I can remember. I remember when she started encouraging me to give up carbonated drinks in exchange for ‘fruit juices’ back when I was in High School; Boarding School precisely.

Now if you know anything about Boarding School in Ghana, you know that it involves being away from home and all the things that you love. You know it involves crazy, untamable cravings for foods you do not have access to. It involves wanting to drink a can or bottle of coke with some crackers as a ‘quick satisfying meal’ before getting to the chores and books. Fruit juices come in smaller boxes. A can of CocaCola is a whole 300ml of refreshing goodness! Tell me again why I would opt for less (quantity, satisfaction, taste)?

I, however, happen to have this thing in me (which I now know to be Grace) which draws me to what the ‘normal person’ would not do. You wouldn’t need further explanation therefore as to why I choose vegetarianism when my mother is an awesome caterer, in a country where it is almost literally unheard of!

There are so many things we want to do, so many people we want to be like. My question is, ‘What stops you?’ 

I got tired of: ‘if only I was…’, ‘wow, I wish I could be like her’.

I shut my ears to: ‘don’t force it’ being used in the wrong context.

I moved past people living their fears of the future through me: ‘let’s see if you can do all that when you get married, have kids, yadi yadi yada

I am very Christian – as though I needed to qualify that- and, therefore, approach everything from the Word (of God)’s perspective. It tells me: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THEM THAT BELIEVE! and I take that at face value, Spiritual value and all other values that I don’t even know of.

So long as God says so, DARE TO BEGIN!

Today I want to celebrate my High School sister and friend, Anita Tetteh, a full-time Mrs and Mother with a full-time job and a start-up on the side (Make-Up artistry).

She had a beautiful baby boy couple of months ago and has since had the desire to get back to her pre-baby body.

I share her story because I believe there is a whole lot that I (if not we)  could learn from her. I am particularly proud of her taking the bold step of action that drives past ‘I wish I could…’

For many others, it would have been an issue of pride -feeling too big to ask for help or being too lazy to care – causing them to remain in the ‘exact same spot’(tautology by the way): tired, frustrated and unhappy.

Anita ‘dared to begin’, and she’s on her way to becoming the woman she wants to see when she looks in the mirror.

I love that she has chosen to share her journey to her ‘DecemberBod’ on social media, to encourage someone and to speak to the Sleeping Nancy in another.

She is taking it one day at a time, making sure to let us know that it isn’t an all-exciting journey. There’s no immediate thrill in drinking infused water instead of CocaCola Zero, which we have been made to believe is a healthier option to the original.

There’s no immediate thrill in blending a bunch of fruits instead of just outright grabbing that box of juice off of the store shelf.

There is absolutely no thrill in getting on your feet and dragging yourself to the kitchen  after nursing a newborn, catering to your husband’s needs, cleaning up the house and working a full-time job,  to make a (GOOD!) home cooked meal.

Truth is, there probably will never be any thrill. But guess what else is true? Nothing comes without commitment. “If you don’t paddle, you go south”, as William Doherty puts it.

I am a full-time student, mostly blabbing about how pressed I am for time. You are probably wondering what in the world I use my time for. That’s okay. I ask myself the same sometimes. And this is why I applaud and celebrate my friend today. She has 579202951 more responsibilities than I do and she is willing and ready to BE A BETTER VERSION OF HERSELF! You know why? Because she deserves that!  And till the day man proves my Faithful God to be a liar, I know one thing for sure:


IMG_2550A size 0 is not equal to Healthy. Likewise, a size 10 is not equal to unhealthy! The most important thing is:

that we would regard our bodies as the living place of the Holy Spirit and equally invest in every aspect of our lives. I don’t know about you, but I know I would want to do a lot better when it comes to what I eat, what my eyes see, what my ears hear, and everything else.

And my desire is that I can offer myself, and the Grace upon my life, to any and everyone the Lord sends my way.

On my knees, before our King Jesus, hands lifted up within a circle of others who desired more, thanking Him for a Love that cared about every single detail of our lives… That’s the ultimate goal of this journey. And I am devoted to everyone that comes on board, as much as I am devoted to myself.

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