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Before you go on to read, I would just like to make a li-ttle clarification concerning the word “favorite” used in titling this post. Robbie calls me the queen of hyperboles, Laugh out loud! A lot of (if not all) things that make their way into my life become favorites, so forgive me if I write another post stating that something else is my favorite. #ItBeThatWay

… So, back to the matter 🙂

There’s only so much I could say about what the industry of consumer goods has become if I can’t channel that energy into providing a solution. Solutions>Complaints, right?

At this point in my life, I think it’s safe to say you do not want to start a conversation with me about what I know now about ingredient lists, packaging labels and packaging in general.Laugh out loud! And I know I should probably stop now because I have become that (one really weird) lady who is always reading ingredients and googling the whole world! #DontJudgeMe

My love for handcrafting 100% natural soaps (among other things) is the end result of almost 3 years of dedicated research and countless days of zoning out! Laugh out loud! I have a million things to do with school, outside projects, and all I want to do is shop for and make soaps or make food! If this isn’t the definition of obsession!

I have experienced first hand the frustration that comes with a sensitive skin, buying products that do not work, and simply not being able to find answers. I have watched my ever so beautiful 11 year old niece struggle with the worst form of eczema for 6 years of her life, hearing her ask heartbreaking questions like “why can’t my skin be normal like everyone else’s?’ (Still makes me cry when I think about it)

As much as I would place equal importance to what you actually feed your body with, it kills me to know that the products we tend to run to (in the name of long lasting brands) are out to do us more harm than good. It’s unfair, it’s unethical and it’s a lot of things I can’t seem to understand!

I know I have gotten a lot unbearable always quoting research and statistics, but today, I say I am proud of myself not because I have led women to war; not because a building has been named after me; after all ‘it’s just soap she has made’, you might say. “There are lots of people making soap!”.

To me, it’s not “just soap”. It’s my contribution to a situation that makes me cringe! It’s my pledge to make the world a better place for the innocent people who are not exposed to as much as I know now. It’s my promise to continue learning and obsessing, so I can be change. Soap making, and all the other things I dedicate my time to, is my version of fighting the good fight.

I am grateful to be able to share my heart with the many out there: some I know, some I have never met. I am grateful for the fact that you choose to listen to me.My prayer each day is that I never get into the rut of commercialization, and let go off the reason why I ever got involved!

Here is to Creating to Inspire!

Love, Nana.

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