“Better Than Oats” Chocolate-Flavored Oatless-Meal

Has anyone else gotten to that point where they’re just tired of oatmeal every morning in the name of need for “fibre”? I know I for sure am!
First off, did you know that 1 3/4 cups of cauliflower gives you the same amount (and little more) of fibre than 1 cup of cooked oatmeal?- without having to worry about digestibility (is that a word, btw?) issues, high refined carb content, etc.? (besides, if we’re being honest, is 1 cup of oatmeal enough for anyone?). So does 1 1/2 banana, 2 cups of broccoli, 11/4 cup of carrots… the list could go on! On the other hand, for your body to enjoy the full benefits of oats, or grains (and even nuts), they must be properly prepared by soaking in a mineral solution for at least 8 hours, to break down phytates, which are enzyme inhibitors.
“There is not a single health-promoting substance present in grains that you can’t also get in fruits and veggies!”. Not one!
So, I am just NOT buying the whole “Oats for Fibre” story-line any longer. There are lots of other sources of fibre, that are unrefined/unprocessed, with readily available nutrients for my body.
After 2 whole30 rounds this year, I have resolved to NOT make grains and legumes a staple in my diet. I would eat them if I was ever pressed for choices, or craved a favorite like waakye – a Ghanaian dish made with rice and black-eyed peas. However, after 2 whole30s, I have found that I love and prefer how my body reacts to a no-grain, no-legume diet. This is why I have re-introduced wild-caught, sustainably farmed seafood (salmon) into my diet to supplement my protein intake (mainly). I have noticed that I run better, I function better, my body feels a lot better! This is my personal decision: I would like to stick with foods which have bio-available nutrients.
If you still want to do grains, I would ask that yo please stick with whole grains, (not sure if that exists in the USA #facts) and prepare them properly, so you aren’t doing your body more harm that good.
Did I digress? haha!
Anyways, although I am a #NotOatmealForBreakfast girl, you sometimes want to have a “hot cereal-like” bowl before you, topped with some fruits, nuts, seeds, and of course- my obsession for LIFE- nut butter! That’s how the recipe was born.
I tried a lot of oatless oatmeal recipes on the internet, and…. I still wanted something more. Something better! Those didn’t quite cut it for me. So one evening, I literally got home with the intention of cleaning out my fridge. I had one zucchini left and just threw it in the food processor, wondering what next I could creatively do with it besides (my version of fast food) roasting it!
Well, ladies and gentlemen, let’s just say, the BEST recipes are the unplanned ones!

Here you go!
1 Medium-Large Zucchini (organic, if you can! If not, be sure to soak in vinegar for about 10 minutes!)1 medium pear/apple (organic, if you can! If not, be sure to soak in vinegar for about 10 minutes!)1/2 – 3/4 cup shredded coconuts2 dates (pitted)2 cups of non-dairy milk2 Tbsp of chia seeds 3 Tbsp of cocoa powder- Not Nesquik/ Swiss Chocolate or their brothers and sisters!1/2 tsp of cinnamon or more (no such thing as too much Cinnamon :))1/4 tsp of vanilla extract1/2 tsp of nutmeg* Toppings: nut butter, hemp seeds, blueberries, bananas, whatever toppings you want!
Roughly chop zucchini and apple/pear and place in food processor.

Add shredded coconuts, cacao powder,1 cup of milk,dates, cinnamon, nutmeg, v. extract.Pulse until all the ingredients have blended together. This takes about 30 seconds. You want to have a grainy texture, and not a liquid mixture.Heat the other cup of milk, and then pour in the contents of your food processor. Let boil for about two minutes, stirring frequently.The sweetness is just right for me, but I guess you can adjust the cinnamon and nutmeg. At this time, add chia seeds and let cook until desired thickness is achieved. (Usually after another minute) **you can sub flax meal if you do not have chia seeds**.Dish out your hot meal into a bowl (not plastic. I love you!) and top it up with… the world! #whynot?

P.S Do NOT forget Nut Butter! please. just. don’t. Here’s one of my favorite servings!Simple, and literally the best thing ever:

Topped with sliced bananas, cashew butter, and hemp seeds.

You will love this!!! SO SO MUCH!!! This is good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, midnight snack! SO GOOD!
Please let me know what you think, and tag me on IG- #NotOatmealForBreakfast #WhollyEverAfter.
Have a blessed week, family!
In Love and Health,



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