Hi Guys!
I have been MIA for a week; which I believe is forgivable :)…because….today…I am sharing with you my newest, favorite, go-to breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack… and all that’s in between. I have literally eaten this every single day…for 3 weeks straight! #NoApologies.
Is there anyone else who just eats whatever, whenever, possibly wherever? Because that’s absolutely me. There are days I eat sweet potatoes for breakfast, and ‘oatless’ oatmeal for dinner! Hashtag: What is my LIFE?? Besides, who makes the rules?
So, I really needed to redeem myself after encouraging you all to pair coconut granola with ice cream versus a more decent option. laugh out loud. The truth is, I eat my coconut granola with anything! I would layer a glass of water with it if I could! The best!
Anyways….I decided to share this decent granola combo with you all today! yaaay!
A.B + ‘JELLY’ + COCONUT GRANOLA…. Doesn’t that make you hungry already?
P.S You can sub almond butter for whatever nut or seed butter you have: cashew, hazelnut, sunflower seed, pecan, etc. Peanut butter lovers, you can go ahead with that too! 🙂
2 Tbsp Almond (or whatever nut or seed butter)…honestly, what are your limits? 1 Banana (halved)Coconut Granola … again, what are your limits?
You guys, this blackberry&blueberry jam is absolutely refined sugar-free. And nope, no honey, no maple syrup! Again, if you have raspberries or strawberries, please go with that. Same formula, different berries <3.
Half & half of whatever measurement of berries you’re working withDate paste to sweeten1 Tbsp chia seed. (I believe you should be able to sub with ground flax seed)

Place berries in a pan, and simmer on low until you can basically mash them with your spatula/or fork. This takes about 10-15 minutesAdd your date paste to sweetenLet simmer for about a minute, while stirring to uniformly blend in your dates pasteAdd a tbsp of chia seed. **This thickens the jam. Jam begins to thicken after about a minute, so do not be in a haste to pour a lot of chia/flax seed!! (Except for some reason, you just like SUPER,DUPER THICK JAMS :/)
—side note: Dates are one of the ‘secrets’ to being sugar-free. When I buy them from he store, I soak them in hot water for about 15 minutes, to get them moist. And then I peel off the skin, and remove the pits (seeds). Then I blend them in my food processor/blender and store them in the fridge. Whenever a recipe calls for a sweetener, I reach for it. The remaining two are homemade applesauce, and mashed ripe bananas.
Now, this is how it all comes together:

Half your ripe bananaFirst layer: almond butter. Remember, what are your limits?

Then top it up with your coconut granola.No limits!

4. And then smear that berry chi-seed jam ALL OVER!! hahaha! Not really.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen!
Once you make your granola and jam ahead of time, this is such a quick go-to meal at any point in time.
I believe mealtime should be an event! An event of thanksgiving, because it is not by chance, neither is it by luck that you and I have food on our tables.
Always In Love and Health,
Nana. xoxo


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