An Open Letter to my Love


I just want to start by saying I LOVE YOU!

I’m not sure yet if I know fully well what that means?

but what i do know is that, everything i know and what I don’t even know about love is what I feel for you.

I started this year with nothing but the theme ‘Trust’ and the promise to remind myself that “The Lord is my Shepherd, therefore I have all that I need”

I didn’t quite know how the journey was going to be but I had something true, something constant, something unchanging to hold on to.

I am such a hot mess! Every detail of the meaning of the word applies to the me without you. I fail you constantly and I choose stupid things over You for reasons that make absolutely no sense.

But today, I want to tell anyone who is interested in reading about how amazing You have been to me through it all.

The fact that You would show such a mess of me so much love and care and compassion…. You have loved every detail of me with an everlasting love.

You’re simply amazing!

I know You look down at me each day wondering why this girl worries so much when she has all that she needs. It’s like I’m walking this earth just picking up my blessings at the perfect timing.

I have no idea why I worry, I just get overwhelmed sometimes 🙁

Several times I have felt like you are so far away, but all the time my heart holds on to what my mind thinks does not exist.

I can’t understand the mystery and complexity of the Your works, but I’m perfectly fine with living in mystery.

I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to,

because of YOU!

You hold my hand, You dance with me, You talk to me, You take care of me, that I know beyond reasonable doubt that YOU ARE FOR ME!

You give me what no human being can ever give to me and You have taught me how to focus on no one but You.

We share beautiful memories;

we have danced, we have hugged and we have laughed! lol

Now I know how it feels to be held,

because of You!

I have an everlasting memory of the perfect dance and the perfect hug,

because of YOU!

I know that I’m so quick with the promises but sorely lacking in the follow through

but I have learned to forgive myself,

because of YOU!

I have found in You everything I ever really wanted:

a level of intimacy that I happened to have gotten away from.

Year 21 has been awesome and I’m looking forward to so many more beautiful ones with YOU!

So thank You!

Thank you for amazing Grace

Thank you for Heartbeat

Thank you for Beauty

Thank You for Love

and Hope

and Faith

Thank You for Your Spirit that speaks for me when the english language seems so inadequate. lol

Thank You for Your presence that feels so new to me each second to make me love You more

Thank you for teaching me and rebuking me,

Thank You for pursuing the very part of me I didn’t want to sacrifice.

You’re the muse my heart is after and I NEVER wanna let You go.

Amazing is too pale, too shallow, too small of a word to describe who You are to me.

Quite simply,

Thank you for being Everything and all the words I cannot find!

… and today, without a care in the world about stress and frustration, and all that hot mess,

I just want to say …


Psalm 73:25,28 NLT

You’re all I want in heaven!

You’re all I want on earth!

I’ve made Lord God my Home.

God I’m telling the world what You do!’


Your love child Nana!

Happy New Year’s (in advance) and thank YOU for staying with me <3

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  • Pokuaa! Afehyia pa! It’s nice to read another blog entry from you. I want to touch on one point you raise about language–something to the effect that God’s spirit comes in when our language is limited… A theologian once told me the same thing: That all human languages are limited, and as such cannot be used to express/describe all the wonderful attributes of God. Very profound… Romans 8:26 & 27, become clearer now. God bless you and keep the faith!

  • i love the way you express yourself to “Daddy”. Stay connected to Him. You’re blessed!

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