A Leaner, Meaner C H O C O L A T

I grew up in a house of chocolate; my dad has been in the cocoa industry for as long as I have been born. Going dairy-free however meant my love relationship with chocolate had to come to an end. 🙁
It was only right I continue the family legacy so my kids’ first word can be chocolate.
Making chocolate was an absolute fun! I felt like a kid in kindergarten who could do whatever she wanted with cacao powder, except …. I had to clean up! -__-
You would know by now that I handcraft All-Natural soap bars. My friend Natalie mentioned to me once that she needed a bar that would have her walking out the shower feeling like a cookie; A righteous cookie – if I may add. 😉
Of course I wasn’t going to buy hershey’s chocolate chips for my all-natural soap bars! So yours truly had to figure this one out by herself… and oh, the endless possibilities with chocolate… *swoon*!!
Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips:
1/2 cup of cacao powder (NOT cocoa powder, since it’s processed and sweetened)1/2 of pure organic cocoa butter (sub coconut butter/oil for healthier option)2 tbsp of honey (adjust for taste preference)1 tsp of pure vanilla extract
P.S You can adjust ingredients as needed. I started of with this for choc. chips for soap making, and then modified for my other treats.
Melt cocoa butter/coconut butter/oil in double-walled glass bottle : heat 1 cup of water in a pot/pan, cover the pot/pan and then place glass bottle with butter on top of the lid. PLEASE MAKE SURE no water goes into the cocoa butter/oil. When melted, stir in cacao powderStir in honeyPour mixture into squeeze bottle for dispensingLine baking sheet with parchment paperSqueeze chocolate mixture onto lined baking sheet and use clean, dry fingers to pinch the top in order for it to look like so:

Leave for hours to solidify. If using coconut butter/oil, it is better you place in refrigerator to keep from melting.

And then there were the wanna-be reese’s cup and chocolate truffles!
So what had happened was, I had some left over chocolate batter after making my chocolate chips. I added a bit more honey and 1/2 cup almond milk, (make sure mixture is thick),
For truffles:
Mould into small ballsDip into shredded coconut and almond mealAllow to harden for some hours (you can place in refrigerator for a faster process) Eat A LOT!!
For Wannabe Reese’s cup:
Line a muffin tin with strips of parchment paper so it looks like a crossDish in an amount of chocolate mixture and flatten with your fingersAdd a layer of peanut butterTop with another chocolate layerAdd shredded coconutRefrigerate to hardenWhen ready, slice up some strawberries for an extra layer…. ENJOY!

I could really get used to this homemade chocolate business! I really, truly could!


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