5-Minute Golden Milk Recipe

I think a better title for this post would be “Earth Girl meets Golden Earth Spice!”
Turmeric, which happens to be the base for this “golden (in every sense of the word!!) milk” has become my best friend for a while now. I’m sprinkling it on everything, you guys! My eggs, my smoothies, practically every meal I cook, I’m using it in facial masks, I’m even considering adding to the ingredient list of my conditioner and soap bars! It.Is.That.Real over here!
I am a full-on earth girl! And I believe the earth is equipped with so so so much more than we tend to give credit for! Turmeric is regarded as so many things but I think my favorite definition so far is “the earthy golden spice”. We both have something in common there: EARTH!!!! #Heyyy!
Especially now that cold season is back in the United States, some of us look for ANY and every reason to drink something warm! How good it feels to do it with this Golden milk as opposed to sugar-filled starbucks!
Here are the health benefits of this “traditional ayurvedic drink”:

Traditionally, turmeric milk has been used as a remedy for colds, congestion, indigestion, headaches, and sore throats.Turmeric is also said to have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties making it a good therapy for the cancer-prevention. Such cancers include breast, liver, colon and prostate.Turmeric detoxifies the liver,

Purifies blood and boosts circulation,

Accelerates healing of wounds, Serves as a pain relieverProtects against cardiovascular disease It is also a natural anti-depressant! Seriously, imagine the money that can be saved by people on these anti-depressants!

Ladieeeees, turmeric is said to be a great remedy for menstrual cramps! Amen?!
Get why I say Golden in every sense of the word?!
It is important to note that “the health benefits of turmeric are further enhanced when combined with black pepper. Research shows that black pepper contains a compound known as piperine, which helps the body absorb turmeric better.
Now, not to keep you any longer,I’m sure you want to get into this 5-minute recipe that can and will change your life!
2 cups of milk of choice (almond, coconut or dairy if you please)1 teaspoon of Turmeric ½ teaspoon of Cinnamon 1 teaspoon of raw honey or maple syrup (optional)A pinch of black pepper (for increasing absorption properties)A tiny piece of fresh, peeled ginger root or ¼ tsp ginger powder
Blend all ingredients with a blender or electric mixer until smoothPour your mixture into a small sauce pan over medium heat for 3-5 minutes until hot. (Make sure it doesn’t boil)ENJOY!


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