5 EASY-peasy Routes to Healthy!

Hi Family!
Happy Monday and I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far-especially Nutrition-wise πŸ™‚
I am 7 full days in with my #Whole30 and I just might be considering a #whole365 | #wholeFOREVER! I am LOVING it!
I was chatting with my friend who informed me that she’ll be starting her ‘diet’ in March. I cringed a bit when I heard it because, again, I don’t find ‘diets’ sustainable in anyway. And what’s worse is that she’s psyching herself up for it by eating all the foods she will not be eating for a while. — and oh! she’ll ‘be going to the gym as well!’
**hearts breaks, soul is downcast**
I certainly don’t seek to downplay the role of exercise; however you can’t exercise your way out of an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s just the truth. Why? Because this is majorly a psychological problem. Our weight is now attributed to calories consumed. Systemic inflammations – as a result of overly processed/refined foods- are now considered ‘allergies’.
I am loving this #Whole30 journey because this is truly how we’re supposed to eat; not just for a ‘diet’, or a detox. Start thinking about the food, and not the weight. Society and numerous ‘health coaches’ are admonishing you to eat less and exercise more; and then they chip in something about portion control.
Here’s the way it works… or doesn’t work:
You can deprive yourself of food for 30, 60, 90days. But guess what? Once you go back into the environment without disciplining your brain to register what real food is, your brain is going to tell you you need all that junk all over again. You simply hear someone talk about the food and you’ve just got to have it! Then what happens? You’re going to gain all that weight back. That’s why ‘diets’ don’t work.
I challenge everyone to try this #wholefood journey. If 30 days is too intense for you, try a #whole21 or #whole14… even a #whole7 (make that up!πŸ˜‚)
And if a whole7 is too intense, here are 5 easy peasy ways to get yourself into the groove of a healthful diet.
Try A New Veggie Each Time you go grocery shopping: Maybe all the ingredients for a certain recipe are vegetables you’ve never tried before, and that makes it a little too much for you. That’s okay. How about making it a point to buy a vegetable you’ve never cooked with before whenever you go grocery shopping? If what they say about not judging a book by its cover is true, then let’s translate that into not judging a vegetable by how it looks. πŸ™‚ It’ll take 5 minutes to google recipes you can make with it, and another 5 to read on its benefits. That’s 10 minutes of work and a huge investment in your health. By the end of the month, you would have incorporated at least 4 new veggies into your diet, and hey! 4 new recipes as well that could make your husband, wife, mother, father, etc happy to know you’re switching it up a bit! πŸ™‚
Drink water when you think you need more food: Research shows that 60% of the time when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. So, next time you want to reach for thirds or fourths at dinner, try drinking a glass or 2 of water!
Try ’em raw!: I know everyone got into the juicing craze… a little too much.Studies have shown that ‘fruit juices’ – whether homemade, organic, or whatever fancy names – can pack as much sugar as soda, which is likely to cause obesity and high blood pressure. Juices strip the fruits off their naturally existing fiber, which greatly speeds up absorption of sugar, leading to a whole chain of health issues. [blogpost on this coming soon!] So eat your fruits raw. Save up that money for a juicer. You really do not need it.
Again, Try ’em raw! : I am going to piggy back off of my previous point, and talk about smoothies. Try your smoothies raw too! Smoothies help us in incorporating more fruits and veggies in your diet, which may otherwise not be so. So great job for getting started with that! HOWEVER, because they are a beverage, smoothies tend to have a weaker satiety value.Hence, you tend to get hungry sooner than later, and end up eating a lot! -possibly refined/processed foods.
Another reason is, the psychological effect of craving something healthy and ‘sweet’ at the same time could encourage you to add some kind of sweetener -honey or maple syrup- to your smoothie. This is in addition to naturally existing sugars in the fruits. At the end of the day, you might be doing yourself more harm than good, by packing up sugar to be sent straight down to your bloodstream. The implications are same as the previous point.
and Lastly,
If you don’t buy it, you won’t be tempted to eat it! : When I do walk into a grocery store, I know exactly where I am headed. You have no business in the cookie, soda, candy section if you really are serious about being healthy. It doesn’t matter if you are buying it from Whole Foods or the neighborhood convenient store. Once you are diligent in stocking up your fridge/pantry with foods that actually nourish your body, you would have no other choice than to eat that. So please, please, please, save yourself from temptation when you walk into the grocery store. Someone, somewhere isn’t thinking about your health as much as (if at all) they are thinking about how much money they can make off you . And once you get home, you only get to eat what you have.
So family, I hope this helped you in one way or another! I still live by these pointers, and they help me a great deal! I am certain we all have what it takes to be better with our nutrition. Remember, ‘there are no neutral foods, they are either helping or harming the body’. The choice is yours to make. πŸ™‚ I love you all, and I am rooting and fighting for a healthier generation!
In Love and Health,

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