30 (Days) Never Felt SO Right!

HAPPY 2017, FAMILY!!!!
Big News today!!
3 years ago on this day, I challenged myself to give up the fully Omnivorous diet I had known all my life, and go plant-based. I considered it and slowly weaned myself off of animal protein for a 6 month period prior. Still, I would say, I dove in headfirst, not knowing full well what I was getting into.
I know 400% now, more than I knew then, and this is the inspiration behind Nature’s Spoonfuls – It’s time for me to give back and share my experiences, mishaps, successes and errors as I learned to cook and eat real, whole, delicious food. My expectation is that this will empower individuals and families take proactive part in their health; and most importantly: THE RIGHT WAY! I did all the wrong things, all the right things and all that’s in between. Today, I can say I am happy with where I’m at nutritionally; especially the knowledge and the discipline that has come with it. I never intend to stop learning and enriching that knowledge base.

4 years later, I am not a fan of what the term ‘diet’ has become. I still don’t eat meat. Neither do I eat chicken or fish. But I’m definitely NOT against ETHICALLY SOURCED protein. I would consider going back to that, except farmers would kick me out their farms, managers, their restaurants and market women, their stalls. For the sake of mankind and SANITY. I am really high maintenance with food and ask way too many questions.

(I’m trying to find out who fed the animals, what did they eat before they took their last breath?what knife was used to kill them?? were they loved, clothed and sheltered? It’s packaged in plastic and I’m really trying to cut down on plastic. —We are working on building a farm at the moment… sooo maybe till then…. for our kids 😜)
However, I am a lot more than Plant-Based, and I find labels confining.
With all these different ‘diets, it truly gets confusing what exactly we should and should not be eating. We can all agree that a lot of these ‘diets’ tend to leave out essential food elements that are vital to our human development. We can ALSO agree, that they are preach one thing: fruits and vegetables are great for your health!
I may not have lived long enough on this earth but I am yet to find a living being who is allergic to broccoli, or mangoes, or onions, or apples. I have come across people who are allergic to mango juice NOT because of the fruit, but because they bought it off of a shelf in a store, in a bottle or can, that came with added ingredients. Now, your body reacts to those artificial ingredients and not the fruit. You’re not allergic to the chicken nor the egg. You’re reacting to the hormones injected into commercially raised animals so someone somewhere who cares not about your health can make money.
Let’s make life simple for one another: EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!! Let’s eat REAL FOOD!
There are so many nutrient deficient food-like product these days. The reason why there are serious cases of unhealthy weigh gain and all the implications that come with that is because the food-like products aren’t nourishing your body. Since your body isn’t getting what it needs, it keeps asking for more and more. So you keep eating and eating, stacking up on empty calories, and sugars that will eventually be stored as body fat. This body fat now becomes the beginning of so much more damage to come.
Again, I am not asking anyone to wake up tomorrow and start the #Whole30. To be honest, the does NOT sound anything close to shabby at all and I’d love for you to challenge yourself to it. I start today, but did my homework and the results on your body are unbelievable! I’m here for that discipline!
Don’t tell yourself you can’t when you never tried it. You just take the step. Your body will meet you halfway. It’s that simple!
Food should not be complicated. I am certain that Plants, Animals, and Humans are fine just the way God made them… With no extra ingredients.
I will definitely document what my body has to say about the next 30 days. I AM STOKED!!!!
In Health and Love,
Nana xx.



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