2- Ingredient Yogurt Recipe! (no yogurt maker needed!)

You guys! I did it! I made DAIRY-FREE yogurt with 2 major ingredients and NO YOGURT MAKER! This is excellent!
In as much as I love to make food, I don’t want every new recipe to be about making an investment – especially if you don’t want to.
So, this is sooooo good! More like excellent! If whatever they say about “third time” being a charm, well, this recipe was “tried and tested” 3 times, and it sure is a charm!

With these [tahini date cookies, coated in chai-spiced, chocolate roasted coconut butter) cookies? definitely a charm! Also, can someone help me come up with a better name for those game changing cookies? I got so tired [AND HUNGRY] just typing all that out.
Alright family, let’s bring the main thing back to the main thing!
This yogurt gives greek yogurt vibes for sure. Not entirely positive what 2017 greek yogurt tastes like, because I haven’t hang out with them in years; BUT it’s as tangy and rich as yogurt is supposed to be.
Here goes the recipe:
BUT FIRST! Important tips/hacks:
* do NOT stir with a metal spoon, as this reacts with the probiotic and could very easily mess up your whole process. I only use wooden or silicone spatulas at home, they work great! Plastic (I don’t recommend, though) works too!
*This takes all of 60-72hours, so BE PATIENT! #trustTheProcess
*Consistency may vary – depending on the brand of coconut milk. (Please check your ingredients to make sure all you have in that can are coconut milk and guar gum. You don’t need anything else in a can of coconut milk.)
*If you are making this with homemade coconut milk, you need to make it very rich (less water) or add guar/acacia gum or agar agar flakes.
*Sweetening this with maple syrup or honey feeds the bacteria. We need them to survive for the fermentation process. (Cue Hezekiah Walker’s “I need you to survive.”
*If you are using probiotic capsules, make sure they DO NOT have PREbiotics listed as part of the ingredients.
*Depending on the brand of coconut milk, some separation MAY occur. you can choose to stir, or don’t.
*The REAL thickening happens during the fridge time. If you don’t stir when you experience separation, scoop the thick part and reserve the liquid for smoothies, porridges, options are limitless with food really
I promise this is all you need to know.
Okay. Now to the process.

2 cans of 13.5oz Coconut milk (Canned or Homemade. see above for what you need to do/know for either)

1/2 tsp Probiotic capsules OR 1 packet of yogurt starter. (I use this)

Glass jarNon-metalic spoon to stir65-75 temperature (depending on the room temperature, you can choose to let sit on your kitchen counter, OR keep in oven with the lights on. I usually play it safe and keep it in the oven LIGHTS ON, because I’m not home during the day and Boston weather is temperamental.)

(if using canned) Shake coconut milk vigorously and empty coconut milk into your glass jar, leaving out about a quarter cup.Mix reserved quarter cup with probiotic and stir until PROPERLY dissolved.Let the minority join the big guys – a.k.a pour this mixture back into the glass jar, and stir to mix everything in uniformly.Cover with a cheese cloth, or “breathable” napkinLet sit for 48 hours in oven with LIGHTS ON /kitchen counterMove to refrigerator for another 12-24 hours.And that’s it, family! SERVE AND ENJOY!

Top with endless possibilities!
I love you all! And remember to honor God with your bodies!
In love and health,


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